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  1. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I personally would rank these players ROS - 1. Capela 2. Mirotic 3. Ibaka 4. Collins 5. Nurkic 6. Turner 7. Gordon I'm interested to know where people rank Collins overall ROS. I think he's going to produce right around top 50 value.
  2. Pick up Mitchell Robinson?

    Yes, I like MRob better than Hart, Green, and Issac and would drop any of those three for him. If I had to pick one, I go with Hart. Those three are all really close though. Help me out with a dilemma of my own.
  3. I would do the trade. I love Davis, but Butler, Holiday, and WCS is a great haul for him.
  4. I actually have Russell, I offered the combo for Aldridge. Let's see what the owner says. Mirotic is someone I definitely interested in. The owner could see him as a sell high and Turner as a buy low. Thank you to everyone that has responded so far.
  5. That's tough, but I would stick with Bagley and McGruder. I would stay away from Anderson, I think he's going to be hot and cold all season long. I might give Isaac a game or two. I'd consider dropping McGruder for Isaac but hold on to Bagley.
  6. Received Whiteside/Tobias for Kemba WHIR

    I would take it as well. I love Kemba, but I would rather have Harris and Whiteside.
  7. Should I Make This Trade - 100% WHIR

    That's tough but I think I rather have Jarrett Allen. Porter might be a decent buy-low option now, but I feel like offering Allen is too much. What other players do you have on your roster that might be of lesser value that you can offer for Porter?
  8. Is It time to stash Isaiah Thomas?

    Looking at your roster, I see that you have Faried on your IR spot. If you have a choice between IT and Faried go with IT. Also, add Caris LeVert to my previous list. If someone dropped him, I would prefer him over IT. My personal IR rankings - Cousins > Collins > Love > Dunn > LeVert > Markkanen > Thomas > Portis > Porzingis > Faried. I realize most of them probably aren't available in a 14 team league, but just in case one of those players are available, that is how I rank them.
  9. Trade Help WHIR

    Holiday Ayton side wins for me. I feel like Vucevic is going to come down to earth eventually. Holiday is the best player in the deal, and a tanking Suns team is going to give a ton of minutes to Ayton down the stretch. I also worry about what will become of Vucevic, will he get traded, will the Magic sit him late in the season and give more minutes to Mo Bamba? Go with Holiday and Ayton.
  10. Is It time to stash Isaiah Thomas?

    Only if you have an IR spot and Boogie Cousins, Kevin Love, John Collins, Lauri Markkanen, Kris Dunn, and maybe Bobby Portis aren't available. I would definitely prefer Cousins, Love, and Collins over IT. The last 3 players are debatable. But he's definitely worth a stash.
  11. Which side here

    As much as I like getting the best player in the deal, I have to go with the Kemba side. You're getting a ton of depth.
  12. Use my #2 Waiver???

    With recent reports that he will return this season, I would do it as long as you have an IR spot and the spot isn't currently filled with either Boogie Cousins, Kevin Love, or Kris Dunn.

    I'd try to get a second player back, but if you can't I would take Ayton. The Suns aren't going anywhere and will give their youth a ton of minutes. I see Ayton as a second half of the season monster, and someone that helps teams win championships.
  14. I am looking to trade Brandon Ingram and Myles Turner in a 2-for-1 trade to clear up a roster spot. What level of player should I be targeting in a 2-for-1 with these two players? I've thought about John Collin, but I feel like I'm giving up too much in that deal. Would like to target a Rudy Gobert type player, but feel like the other owner will say no. Give me an example of acceptable players to target in this type of deal. Thank you