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  1. That's tough. If forced to choose i go with Kenrich, but I'd try to pickup both.
  2. I'd try to get a little more, but if I had to, I do the deal. I don't trust AD and you're getting 3 stars for 2 stars and a superstar that will probably get shut-down.
  3. Depends on what you need, but all things bring equal I would rather stash Dinwidee.
  4. Which side wins and is this a vetoable trade? Thank you. WHIR.
  5. With the uncertainty of the AD situation ROS, who is the best player that you would trade straight up for him right now?
  6. Looking at his Twitter timeline for the night the answer is definitely D.
  7. Which side do you prefer ROS Giannis and Trae Young or Kawhi and Devin Booker?
  8. This being a dynasty league makes this decision tough, but I think I'd stick with Jrue. Rergardless of where Jrue might end up in the future his value is still going to relatively the same and he's clearly the best player in the deal. Plus with your team being a playoff contender I think you're better off with Jrue this year. While I could see some of the bigs in NOs getting shut-down, I think Holiday will continue to get his usual volume. I'd stay with what you have, but it's close.
  9. With Dipo out I would stay with Collision. There are too many mouths to feed in that Denver back court. Even though I do like Denver's playoff schedule. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741125-lebron-or-kawhi-whir/
  10. As crazy as it may sound I think I prefer Kornet. Right now, I don't trust any veteran in Cleveland. I think Thompson is a major shut-down risk. On the opposite end of the spectrum the Knicks don't want to play Kanter, nor do they seem to want to give Mitchell Robinson more than 20 minutes. It's been so bad that they've recently resurrected the ghost of Lance Thomas. I think Kornet is looking at major minutes when he returns. Help me out with my situation
  11. No problem. Thank you for help with my situation. Your situation is really close. As I said, I don't think it's a make or break deal. I just prefer Sabonis. I prefer the situation and I slightly prefer the player.
  12. Wow, this is really close. I went back and forth on this for awhile. I don't think this deal will make or break you either way, but I think I slightly prefer Sabonis. I think Sabonis will see a decent increase in usage as the season progresses with the loss of Dipo.
  13. I've clinched a playoff spot and am looking at playoff and potential shut-down candidates. With that in mind, who would you prefer ROS LeBron or Kawhi. I'm worried about Kawhi being shut-down during the fantasy playoffs, but I'm also worried LeBron's injury as groin strains can sometimes linger. WHIR