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  1. Keeper 2v1 trade, doable? 100% WHIR

    This is tough, if you were in a smaller league I would probably keep George because you can find good players on the waiver wire to fill that empty spot, but in a 16 team league where the waiver wire is much barer, this is a much more difficult decision. The hangup I have on the deal is that Griffin has shown to be somewhat injury prone. This is so tough, and I don't think I'd have the balls to trade Paul George right now, but if I had to pick a side I like the Murray Griffin side better. Plus, with this being a keeper league I think Murray is the perfect player to target as he is definitely a younger player on the rise. Do the deal. As long as Griffin stays healthy I'm 100% convinced you will win this deal and even if he doesn't I don't think this move will kill you.
  2. Quick! Do I pickup Bridges?

    Hart has looked good recently, but he has shown to be up and down, and with Ingram back and Lebron returning soon I think his value will decline. I would def drop Hart to pick up Bridges. The Suns are clearly the worst team in the West, and their main focus is developing their younger players. I don't think I would drop Gordon just yet as he still has a ton of value with Paul out. Danny Green to me is a very solid streaming option but nothing to get too overly excited about. If you have an open spot and you like his matchup for the night, he is worth a pickup, but I wouldn't hesitate to dump him if someone with more potential (like a Bridges or a Satoransky) hits the wire.
  3. I don't think any of these players are a must own even in a 12 team league but I would rank them as Bembry > Jones Jr > Exum > TJ. Looking at your roster, I like everyone better with the exception of Kleber. I would def drop him for one of the first two players, either Bembry or Jones Jr. Kornet and Harris are potential drops but for right now I would hang on to them both. Kornet looked really good the other night and something is going to happen with Kanter. Kanter is too good to be benched and the Knicks clearly don't care about winning right now. Harris is in a crowded backfield but he's been fairly productive recently. Overall, I like your team.
  4. I'd pickup Gay and drop Mudiay.
  5. Possible Blockbuster! WHIR

    Yes if you can get those 3 players for Jokic and Booker I would make that deal.
  6. I wouldn't do the deal with Jordan involved,but if you can do Whiteside and Tim for Sabonis and DM I would make that deal.

    It's tough since AD is almost on a level of his own, but if you're punting TOs I think I would do this trade.
  8. Teague and Dedmon were just dropped in my league and I have the 4th waiver claim. Should I pick either one of them up? The 3 players at the bottom of my roster are Satoransky, Mudiay, and Forbes (streaming for tomorrow). Would you drop any of them for Teague and Dedmon and if so, which ones? Thank you.
  9. Hey, sorry about the delay. This is a very tough trade. I like Booker the player a little bit more. I think if both players stay healthy the rest of the way, Booker will slightly ( and I do mean slightly) outproduce Dipo. With that said, I worry more about Booker getting injured than I do with Dipo. This is close and I don't know if I would have the balls to make this trade on either side, but If I'm forced to choose one I'd go with Dipo.
  10. Hey, sorry about the delay. I prefer the Markkanen Gordon side unless you can pickup Bogdan (Kings not the Pacers). If you can pick him up, make the trade as DeRozan is clearly the best player in the deal, and while I love LM, Bogdan has been stud since his return from injury.
  11. Klay vs Mitchell WHIR

    Hey sorry about the delay. I would prefer the Klay side. Both players have underachieved a little this season and Klay has still been the better player. I think that Mitchell was a little over-drafted based off of his fantastic rookie season. I also have more faith in Klay because he has shown to be a consistent player throughout the years and he has never had a major slump that lasted longer than a few weeks. I can't say that I have the same level of trust in DM.
  12. Wow, that's a tough trade, I understand your dilemma. While Oladipo is clearly the best player in the deal, you are giving up 4 really good players. I'm not 100% sold on Allen as he's been out of the Nets' crunch time rotation for a few games recently. I also don't know what to expect from Porter. He hasn't looked like the OP of old all season, and he's currently dealing with a knee injury that's cost him the past 10 games. Id' like to think his usage will increase with Wall out, but Wall being out could also hurt his value. I'd love to get Oladipo, but I wouldn't make this trade. The 4 players you have are really good and really consistent. I would try a counter offer.
  13. I'd stay with Butler, now that he's on the Sixers you can get more for him than Kanter and Kuzma.
  14. I'd drop either Mudiay or Winslow for Thompson, but if I had to pick one I would go with Winslow. Do we really know that Winslow is locked in as the starter? Winslow has shown to be consistently inconsistent over the years, I don't think that changes now. Either way, dropping either one of the guys for Tristan is a steal.
  15. Conley/Gay for Draymond/TRoss?

    Yes, take that deal.