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  1. Haha but having 2 players of Phoenix is not ideal. I prefer Oubre over him and I need to diversify the teams my players are coming from.
  2. it doesn't look he needs a lot of minutes to produce (18-20 min). He is repeating in preseason what he did in Summer League. Ok it will be different in regular season but I guess he is definitely worth a look right now.
  3. Points League - 10 cat - 10 Team: Current Team: PG: Lillard, Simmons, Fox SG: Alexander-Walker SF: J.Richardson , Miles Bridges, Oubre C : Vucevic, Adebayo, Bryant, Randle, McGee I am punting 3s and probably FT. Should i pick up Culver and drop Alexander-Walker? Other options are PJ Washington or Mikal Bridges as I would like to secure steals and blocks but I already have Miles Bridges and Kelly Oubre. Thanks
  4. I know it is only preseason but it doesn't look good, for the last games he only took around 3 shots a game
  5. Fully agree. I did it too for Schroder. Good luck!
  6. They have clearly announced that he will be rested 3 to 4 times for the season end, so back to back he will be rested for sure. I can't keep a guy playing only 2 times if he is not a top 20 (Harden, Anteto, Jokic). It is hard but no choice in standard H2H yahoo league. Augustin is playing: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - (Saturday) next week. I will drop him after Thursday and stream until the end of the week. I will do the same with T Ross. I can add max 5 players during the week.
  7. Porter or Lowry, at this stage and in this situation we need to make those hard decisions
  8. I have a bye week now and semi final next week. Horford has 3 games planned next week (Tuesday - then back to back Friday- Saturday). It is almost sure that he will be rested on the back to back, so he should have only 2 games. In addition game planned on Tueday is VS weak Cavs. Would you drop him for Isaac (or Augustin) who will have a 4 games week? I am thinking doing that.
  9. The night before he did a nice game with AD playing. It doesn t make sense for me to look at his stats before the AD problem. Clearly on the paper there is no question between McGee and him but AD will be rested and if Diallo gets his 20 min that is enough. I will wait to look at McGee playing time for the next 2 weeks.
  10. with his last games, it is not that obvious. I know I have to be patient but Diallo is intriguing
  11. Walton seems to use a lot small lineups. Diallo and McGee have almost The same playing time but Diallo is more productive.
  12. No worries , yes they all did a good game (i benched Love)
  13. His game tonight is cooling me off