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  1. Fully agree. I did it too for Schroder. Good luck!
  2. They have clearly announced that he will be rested 3 to 4 times for the season end, so back to back he will be rested for sure. I can't keep a guy playing only 2 times if he is not a top 20 (Harden, Anteto, Jokic). It is hard but no choice in standard H2H yahoo league. Augustin is playing: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - (Saturday) next week. I will drop him after Thursday and stream until the end of the week. I will do the same with T Ross. I can add max 5 players during the week.
  3. Porter or Lowry, at this stage and in this situation we need to make those hard decisions
  4. I have a bye week now and semi final next week. Horford has 3 games planned next week (Tuesday - then back to back Friday- Saturday). It is almost sure that he will be rested on the back to back, so he should have only 2 games. In addition game planned on Tueday is VS weak Cavs. Would you drop him for Isaac (or Augustin) who will have a 4 games week? I am thinking doing that.
  5. The night before he did a nice game with AD playing. It doesn t make sense for me to look at his stats before the AD problem. Clearly on the paper there is no question between McGee and him but AD will be rested and if Diallo gets his 20 min that is enough. I will wait to look at McGee playing time for the next 2 weeks.
  6. with his last games, it is not that obvious. I know I have to be patient but Diallo is intriguing
  7. Walton seems to use a lot small lineups. Diallo and McGee have almost The same playing time but Diallo is more productive.
  8. No worries , yes they all did a good game (i benched Love)
  9. His game tonight is cooling me off
  10. What do you both expect from Jabari 15 pts 7rbds, 1 steal or block? Or more?
  11. I have a lot of C, I want to stay strong in blocks but also want to have the best team possible for PO. My C are: Horford, Love, Adams, Nance Jr, Bagley, Lopez and McGee. Should I drop McGee for Jabari Parker?
  12. If no IR spot to add Boban without drop, do not do it.
  13. Sadly A.Davis may become a drop for you to get back JV. Dunn may be a drop for White but better to wait. If not I would not touch your team according to who is on the wire.
  14. H2H - 10 cat - Yahoo league My matchup ends after Sunday's games. I have 5 players less than my opponents until the end. I m trying to draw at least, focusing on FG% , FT%, Blocks, and if possible Rebounds and 3s. Tonight I need to bench one of my PF/C (too many): - Nance Jr (vs Phoenix) - Horford (vs Milwaukee) - B Lopez (vs Boston) - McGee (vs Houston) - Bagley (vs GS) - Love (vs Phoenix) According the categories I am focusing on, who would you bench? I am hesitating mainly between Love (no blocks, minutes risk), Bagley (play vs GS) and Nance Jr (impact of Love). Who would you bench?
  15. Random DNP: 1. Conley, Love, Teague (if Min out of playoff race), Leonard 2. Boston: depending on their position and if they are fighting for a spot, i am curious about Irving and Horford 3. Milwaukee players if they are easy first approaching PO
  16. I know this is a lot and I m just scared of having both players with some fatal dnp during fantasy PO. Tatum will not be rested and may have big games without Irving and Horford. It is a lot of assumption. Then I will stay put and drop one of my C if needed during PO (i lose 1 game in each PO week because too many C in roster)
  17. You should try but I doubt owner will agree
  18. Beasley, Zeller, Williams, Favors, Matthews, Tucker. Anderson would be the best but injured.
  19. Agree he will share his minutes with Beasley to be in a good shape for PO. Bogdan and Portis over him.