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  1. Interesting note and why there’s so much optimism... Since May 1, his K rate is 20.1% and walk rate is at 6.5% (both better than his season long numbers when you include April). And his BABIP has only been .257 over that span. He’s starting again tonight and hitting 8th, killing any SB potential. (Thanks Davey). Ultimately as the long term 2 hole hitter and new adjustments (closer to the plate) plus more experience, he looks like a 5 category producer in a big way.
  2. It's Meadows. The slump is annoying right now, but he'll be fine. He's a young Charlie Blackmon, in my opinion. Paddack is great but you have to keep the hitter over the pitcher if it's even remotely close.
  3. I'm a big believer in not vetoing deals... The only case where it should be vetoed is if there is some collusion going on or a trade is an obvious mistake. And just looking at the names involved, this doesn't fit that criteria.
  4. Hope that’s true. It would make sense too. Definitely looked like he was light headed and weak.
  5. Just left the game in the top of the 2nd. Went down to a knee in CF while not involved in any plays He walked off rubbing his eye and looked sick, if I had to guess. Like he was dazed and light headed, or something. Hope he’s ok.
  6. 14 team, keep 5 -- already had Acuna, Vlad, Tatis locked in with Robles, Meadows, Alonso, Paddack battling for 2 spots. Sent -- Springer, Eloy, Glasnow Received -- Bellinger
  7. 1/2 and an RBI triple with 2 HBP Also made a great catch to close the game out.
  8. They were pumping him curveballs because Pivetta struck him out on one before. Then Ramos got strike 1 on a curve. Then he hung one and Victor mashed it. No doubter off the bat.
  9. He’s back in the 8 hole killing his SB potential. They just sacrifice with the SP behind him or if there’s 2 outs, they don’t want him running. Its maddening
  10. I agree with this. He was never gonna hit .350 all year and regression was obvious. But he’s still a super gifted young hitter. He has Yelich potential at his absolute peak. But I think he’s Young Charlie Blackmon. Hits .300 and averages 28 and 25 HR/SB for a long time.
  11. Here's a still shot of him last week vs. Arizona and him tonight from his AB when he hit the HR. Hard to tell with the batter's box lines mostly gone, but you can tell he's closer nonetheless . https://imgur.com/zmIZm3a
  12. It's a fair trade given the needs you stated.
  13. Here’s the article about Murphy’s adjustment with Kevin Long with standing closer to the plate. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.mlb.com/154732828-daniel-murphy-enjoying-new-hitting-approach.amp.html
  14. I like this scenario a lot. Detroit for Boyd Cleveland for Bauer San Francisco for MadBum All are ideal.