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  1. If you need owners, let me know. I can provide myself but also 2 others just in case. robhoke2@gmail.com
  2. Oh my bad. This was the league I was in last year. I will do it again but have 2 have a draft Sunday and need to check the time first
  3. Changed to 9 standard cats? If so, I can prob get guys. send me a new email robhoke2@gmail
  4. if you are looking to join a 9 cat H2H- email adamjgalasso@yahoo or robhoke2@gmail
  5. I have 3 including myself. We are all experienced and active and know WTF we are doing. email addresses for invites. Will pay today. robhoke2@gmail adamjgalasso@yahoo zhoke3@gmail
  6. I can possibly fill the last 3 but it is showing as a 20 team league. These guys will not drop 5 bills wo knowing for sure the plan. 12-14-16 team I think they would be fine with but 20 team maybe not. We do 20 team but usually as a side league for cheap. I think I was in a 20 team league with you last year actually. email me if you have spots robhoke2@gmail.com
  7. you can email me invite- i would have 3 total if you need them. robhoke2@gmail.com
  8. We would love to join a 9 traditional CAT cash league. This can help fill a league quickly. All 3 active, experienced, competitive. robhoke2@gmail zhoke3@gmail adamjgalasso@yahoo
  9. I have 3 total owners if the spots exist. I can't get in touch w the other 2 immediately but will send text to see if they can pay LS when they get home late tonight. All of us experienced and active. if necessary - my email is robhoke2@gmail.com
  10. 3 of us would likely be in if you send emails to the following and if you have less spots, just email me the first one listed robhoke2@gmail.com adamjgalasso@yahoo.com zhoke3@gmail.com
  11. I am very interested in the H2HCATS and may have 2 more exp owners if the time works. The draft is on Fantrax? email me robhoke2@gmail.com