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  1. 12teams 9cat h2h PG - jrue holiday, Fox, FVV, dinwidie SG - J-rich, mikal bridges, og anunoby SF - covington, miles bridges, jermi grant PF - porzingis, carter jr C - KAT, vucevic Don't know exectly what to punt. Thinking or trading fox but for what? Thanks!
  2. I like it a lot. Jrue killing it right now and ayton also not that far from vuch.
  3. Feel like its a good trade, maybe only bledsoe could do the job also
  4. Really close.. if you need steals and 3s ill take it, but for me tobias
  5. Deffiently kemba Harden is the best player, but lavine killing it and as well kemba. Beal also grate..
  6. I give gary harris, howard, schroder Receive middelton, JonasV 12 team, 9 cat redraft Thanks! My team Pg - bledsoe schroder Sg - harris jrich Sf - butler Pf - siakam markanen larrynance C - howard allen harrel Kat Ir - love The problem of this trade is that i will have only 1 pg left
  7. How do you guys sees howard's value? I have to trade either him or Allen (for a player who is not a center) but i dont really know what can i get..
  8. Hey, 12 team 9cat redraft My roster is Pg - bledsoe schroder Sg - jrich gary harris Sf - butler Pf - larry nance, siakam, markanen C - allan, howard, harrel, KAT ir - love I have 4 centers max so i cant add centers fron waivers What will be a good trade for either allan or howard? Dont mind adding players Thanks!!
  9. 9 cat h2h 12 teams Klay + Aaron gordon For Kevin love + dennis schrode Thanks