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  1. Post-hype sleepers 2018

    Not sure either if those statements are accurate
  2. Stefon Diggs 2018 Season Outlook

    I love Diggs this year. And Cook and Cousins. Vikings have a lot of talent.
  3. Derrius Guice 2018 Season Outlook

    No one - coaches, scouts, ffb players thought kamara and Hunt would be as good as they were. I'm not expecting Guice to be that productive but I see the recipe there that he could. He's extremely talented, had a decent O Line, high round draft pick, decent QB and if Reed and Doctson can stay healthy it shouldn't make for stacked boxes. Plus I think Grudens seat is getting a little warm in Washington. If Guice comes out blazing they aren't going to take him off the field or put him into an even somewhat balanced split with Kelly and Perine. I don't see those two threats at all. Thompson will be the 3rd down back at least in the beginning of the season, but if Guice performs he will get looks there. He doesn't have stone hands and is a significantly better runner than Thompson once he gets the ball in his hands. Could he bust? Sure, but the positives are there enough to make me want him on my team.
  4. 2018 Reach to Achieve

    I really like this thread. The majority of the draft but in particular the first round, will look nothing like the following year. Players are going to bust, others will exceed expectations. If you like a guy, take him where you want to regardless of "reaching" according to ADP lists or rankings. There's still a lot to learn once camp gets under way. Who id be willing to reach for would be: Guice, Chubb, Nyheim Hines Will Fuller, Robby Anderson, Hurns (will be paying attention to Gallup in camp) Engram, Reed
  5. I've been in a long time 12 team PPR IDP keeper league that allows 3 O and 1 IDP player kept. We have a live draft and I'd like to propose a move to an auction league for next year. My question is how do you guys in auction work it with keepers? Are players valued a certain amount and keeping a player deducts that amount from your overall budget? If that's the case how do you determine what the players value is? Thanks in advance.
  6. Martavis Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    This is just wrong. As a Steelers Fan who has watched every single game Bryant has played, tracking and catching deep balls is not a strong point for him. You may see a lot of this in his highlights, because in Pittsburgh, at least, he was a one trick pony and that trick was to take the top off defenses. He's averaged 3.5 catches per game in his career. He has a career completion rate of 56.1%. Cooper has a career completion rate of 56.0%. One had a future HOF QB and the other has Carr. This guy doesn't have very good ability to track the long ball and doesn't use his size to contest catches very well. He also doesn't like going over the middle He will drop the routine easy balls and make a circus catch the next time. These circus catches, and him having some jets has made him vastly over rated. He has never had more than 765 yards or 6 td's in a single season, and those didn't come in the same season. All this and then add in the fact he is one failed piss test away from banishment. Oh yeah, and he is a sh!tty team player. Went on social media to bash Sammie Coates and Juju after they were drafted. Whined and cried he wanted out of PIT last year when they stood by him through all his drug bs. Is any of this going to be better in Oakland with Carr instead of Ben? Is he going to have more attention paid to him without having AB taking double teams every play? This guy has a TO attitude without the skills. I pass hard.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 Season Outlook

    Sean Davis was trying to play SS last year which is out of position for him. He does vastly better playing FS and having everything in front of him. They also cut Mike Mitchell a year too late. The issues with the secondary had an awful lot to do with the play of these two guys. Signing Morgan Burnett to play SS and moving Davis to FS will be more impactful than people realize. Add in Edmunds as a $backer playing in the box and this Defense is going to have a whole new look. Cam Sutton showed well in his limited time as well. No one could ever replace Shazier, but signing Bostic is also a lot bigger than people realize. Bostic has a lot of potential and is significantly better than anyone they tried to replace Shazier with last year. Dupree was playing hurt a lot of the year, same with Tuit and Hargraves. If health allows, this defense will be better than people are expecting. TJ Watt showed some good JJ impersonations as a rookie. I expect that arrow to continue to point up.