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  1. I would drop him, he likely retires anyway.
  2. I had a choice of him or Morris when McKinnon went down. I picked Breida because he was the PASS catching back. ( Full PPR League) What happened to his pass catching ability? I do not understand why everyone says he has bad hands when that was his original job.
  3. Greg Olsen at Tampa....The match up is terrific and the Panthers will Feast all day. Olsen, I expect will do well and get at least 1 TD... Gotta go with Olsen
  4. Wasted a high pick on him in the draft. Should have known better. At his best he was a WR3, and he has had ...3 QBS now? Brieda and Kittle are the 49rs weapons and have been all year. He is waiver fodder
  5. Cook, all day, Seattle is at home. The 12th man is a real issue for most teams, and the Hawks always play better at home. NE Defense is Swiss cheese. Cook should carve them.
  6. So glad I traded him at the deadline. Let him be someone elses headache .
  7. Yeah...You were getting to much. I rarely veto...but this trade reeks.
  8. Get Fournette ROS. Michel is trending down.
  9. Green is going to demand the ball and the backup QB will look to him all night. Boyd is the risk.
  10. Start your studs. He would not play if not ready. Believe in your studs.