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  1. Stay put. OBJ is a risk, and Bell is a Jet. Just keep your studs. Gallup is a upside receiver as well.
  2. I would say no. Having the depth you have is fantastic as it stands. Coleman is good but it is a RBBC, and Jacobs is ...on the Raiders.... so nah. You are sitting pretty, by the looks of it. This is not going to help you. Have you considered a counter offer?
  3. I am inclined to agree with this. Vance has put up some low numbers.
  4. Great trades and you are right on both counts. Trade 1 Kelce is going to move upward, He is the upgrade you need, Losing TM is tough to swallow but you are selling high ( Dolphins) , but yeah, specially if it is a dynasty league, also I have no idea who else you have at WR. I am assuming you are solid already there. Trade 2 Great trade, Oakland has overachieved and is going to struggle ROS. Jacobs is to risky but he is in the same situation Mack is in over at IND with a worse O-Line, The shine Mahonnes had is beginning to dull, the league is figuring out his weaknesses. Klyler Murray is going to have a little longer so all good. Zeke is the prize in all this.
  5. C Hyde, He just got bell cow status last week and your RB's need some depth. Your set at WR. There are options for TE out there. But, your roster is stacked, and you could already make a trade with what you have .
  6. Absolutley pull the trigger. L, Bell is a start every week, and RB's are hard to come by. You have a solid WR Bench. Jump on it!
  7. You are giving up to much in that trade. A Rod is likley to end up with more fantasy points by years end, then adding Sutton or Lockett is a bridge to far. Hold
  8. You have a good team, but you are right, you need a RB 2 I would package Hockenson and Sanders/ Monty, for Marlon Mack, Kerryon Johnson, J Jacobs , Mixon If that is to rich the other team, you could go with Coleman, Lindsay or Bell These are all starting RB2 After that you are shooting pretty low, and guys like Hyde or White or Micheal would be last ditch. But I would shop Breida instead of Monty.
  9. I am undefeated, it helps I have Chubb and Mack as my RB, Ryan as my QB and KIttle as my TE. Got Slye and MIN defense. My bench is Sutton and Chark for WR.....I also have M Thomas... So yeah, Kupp or Godwin is my Flex I think Godwin is going to get more in TD and 1/2 PPR. I would take Kupp in full PPR
  10. Yes and yes again. Waivers gems are getting to be rare. This pick is legit. Start and forget.
  11. Need some insurance for Kittle. Vance Mcdonald, Dawson Knox, Noah Fant, Darren Fells These guys are on waivers. Rank them best to worst ROS. Who is going to be the better of the 4? Thank you! WHIR
  12. Godwin seems obvious. Kupp is a stud but right now Goff is shakey. Winston Sucks, but he puts up the numbers. I have both Kupp and Godwin so I do not have to worry about it. Lucky me.
  13. I have given up on him. That means he is in for a big week.