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  1. I'm considering dropping Elliot for him. The Eagles go for 4th down a lot...
  2. I'd rather pick up Dissly than run Davis out there again (assuming Reed is out again)
  3. Same here. I really hope Goff turns it around through. His stat line was pretty miserable without that long pass to Kupp / run in for TD.
  4. Henry owner here. I rostered Davis thinking Reed would be out. Ugh, I think I need to pick up Reed too.
  5. I'm starting over Fuller, Samuel, and Godwin. The Chiefs aren't one to run out the clock with a big lead. Andy Reid - don't disappointment me!
  6. lol, time to throw some low-ball trade offers to the Brown owner.
  7. Julio (2), Carson (2), and Kerryon (2)
  8. The irony of trading for Duane Brown 🤣
  9. I agree Hop/Adams don't make it to early 2nd. With picks 6 to 9 in my 10 team league, my mocks starting with Hopkins/Adams + Mixon look pretty decent.
  10. What's ironic is all the RBs listed have injury concerns.😂
  11. Howard is still going in the 5th in most mocks. As much as I like him, for me the 5th comes down to Howard or Jacobs. I think I'd rather pick up Jacobs and then McDonald in the 10th.
  12. Ryan Hopkins Baldwin Kamara McGuire D.Williams Carson J.Cook Greg the Leg Rams D
  13. Conner is sitting at my IR spot. He has carried me all season, and he deserves better than to be dropped the last week!
  14. Not risking playing him in the championship game next week vsBUF
  15. That’s what we said about Humphries and Godwin last week too..