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  1. Whoever calls this man a draft bust is beyond delusional...
  2. Saric is a great pick up atm. However, jabari will get his too..
  3. That's what I thought... but doesnt really answer my question
  4. Yo so I dropped Rabb to pick up Marcus Morris... is that an okay drop? Rabb did play like fecal matter last night... and Morris has been consistent.
  5. Potentially... I picked him up as a streamer for today, hopefully he gets 25-30 mpg from here on out...
  6. EXACTLY! These haters love to have amnesia because it justifies their hate...
  7. He's hit that shot against Golden State before... you must not watch Heat basketball... stick to the Pelicans will ya?
  8. I dropped Ante Zicic for Shamet in my deep league. I think Shamet could be good, he did play in crunch time with/ Gallo, Beverley, Lou Will* and Trez. This is a wait and see situation, but the Clippers are going to need other players to score besides Trez, Lou Will and Gallo. Additionally, dont forget that veterans like Garrett Temple or even Patrick Beverley could impede on Shamet's PT and progress...
  9. I just cut Davis Bertans to pick up Parker in a 14-Team; 17 Roster Spot; 15-CAT league, good move or nah?
  10. For real... yet Rotoworld "expect things to pick up." Some guys are just overrated in fantasy while others are just overhated.
  11. No... he's two years away from being two years away. Get it right!
  12. I highly doubt Collins or Young get shut down. However, I do agree that if they do have an injury, Lloyd Pierce and the Atlanta Hawks will be extremely careful about them. Essentially, they will miss games as a result of it.
  13. Hope he keeps getting PT, especially with my Capela and Drummond getting injured...
  14. Dont forget about Lord Matt Benedict Bonner...