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  1. I like Carson, think raiders run improved a lot
  2. I'd start DJ, don't look at the week 2 outcome, tough call for the second one but I'd go with Michel, McCoy will prob get injured, Barber against a cowboys team who was embarrassed last week will be a nightmare
  3. Bit late for trades, but traded Edelman for Tyreek Hill this week
  4. Hello all, last week of fantasy for me, but should I keep Robby as my WR2 and McGuire as flex or work Hilton in if he's good to go. WHIR
  5. Really dunno if I should start him or not, I have DJ Moore, Hilton, Hill and Robby Anderson, Ravens D hasn't allowed many WR's to have great games, Hill basically being the only one I can think of
  6. Thank You, Posted Earlier On Yours 😊
  7. Do I start the Ravens D against the Bucs or start the Bears D against the Packers and Rodgers
  8. I'd personally bench Jones, can't see the Packers running game doing much, but knowing my luck they'd have a stormer
  9. Tough Call, I'd Go Dede Out Of The Bunch
  10. At This Rate I'm Starting To Like Dixon A Hell Of A Lot, I'd Choose Him But It's Close With Him And Adams, Plus Adams Is Against Rams Not Boys
  11. Well it's fantasy playoffs and I didn't start well with Keenan Allen scoring a high 0points But which RB should I start Drake Vs Vikings Mack Vs Cowboys Wilson Vs Seahawks Also who should I use at flex Edelman Vs Steelers Hilton Vs Cowboys DJ. Moore Vs Saints Or One Of The RB's?? Any help is Appreciated and will help in return