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  1. Please show your hands if you think dipo is still a first rounder lol
  2. Lol you make my day. Please don’t reply me before checking the ranking of gasol and dipo. Have a nice day.
  3. Lol it’s fun to see whole bunch of idiots pretending that holding dipo it’s not a mistake whilst dipo plays like s--- in every single game. Keep going and jerk yourself off lol
  4. This dude is done. Glad that I have traded him for Marc Gasol before the news comes out.
  5. Damn his knees are ****** up and I feel sorry for those (including myself) drafting him in the first or second round. I believe this will linger the whole of remaining season. Good luck.
  6. This guy has upside and he will break out eventually but sadly not this season.
  7. Is this guy officially done? He has been playing pretty bad in the last couple games.
  8. I think his outlook of this season is pretty bright as the coach finally decide to put the ball on his hand and let him run the offence. I think he will average 10/5/5 with 1 3s and 1 steal per game.
  9. This guy is a real deal. I already dropped Damian Jones for him.
  10. This dude is for real and I think he will be the MIP this season
  11. I think he will replace carter in the starting lineup soon. Deep league owner can grab him now and see how things turn out.
  12. Anyone agrees that Rose looks like a better option than Teague in pg spot? When Teague is on the court, he doesn’t cut, doesn’t pick for others, he is just sitting at the top of the key waiting for a mid-range jumper or watching KAT posting up others or watching wiggin butler playing one on one.
  13. Look at my ID, you will be crying at the end of season if you sell him low now. Come on it’s just 2 games over the season and you guys start to panic now?
  14. Hey guys 18 team h2h 9 cats deep league, is MCW a good pick?
  15. Hey guys I’m in a deep h2h league (18 teams) and I’m just wondering should I drop Jordan Bell for Christian Wood? Bell’s fantasy outlook seems pretty much done, Jones and looney simply stole the show today.