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  1. Honestly I’m still considering Lazard. This seems like they are rushing him back. He is more banged up than MVS. I sort of doubt they both make it though this game. Idk. Maybe I’m nuts.
  2. With Hill starting to get more attention, I think if Ingram goes down then probably it’s more of a RBBC than it is now and Hill and Edwards are flexes both. I’m saying this because I sorta am thinking Edwards is a drop if you want to take a flier on someone or need the bench spot. Do people think this is true?
  3. In a tight spot at receiver in a three WR league. Hilton, Woods, Kirk, Williams, Watkins, Lazard. Obviously need some talent and some bye week/injury fill ins. Someone dropped Johnson, I prob won’t get him anyway but would people say it is a good call to drop Tyrell for Johnson? I’m worried about the plantar fasciitis and the TD dependency and Johnson has looked good and the team wants him to play clearly. Pittsburgh is also baller at drafting WR.
  4. Well currently I’m trying to drop him for Diontae Johnson who was just dropped. However I honestly am debating cancelling the request. Tyrell has looked good and has looked awesome in the red zone. If this issue clears up we might regret dropping but I feel you. It’s tempting because this issue could end his year or he could be back in a week. From what I know this is acute which makes me think he may return sooner rather than later.
  5. I scooped him when someone dropped him after the concussion, to handcuff him with Jones. My thoughts here is the likelihood both can be played in fantasy a la Gordon/Ekeler? They seem primed to become a formidable thunder and lightning duo. I really can see myself starting both some weeks but I want people to tell me if this is crazy.
  6. Lol Hammy Watkins absolutely not playing this week. Against Houston and following their loss against Indianapolis there might be added pressures for him to play. You could make an argument they are just resting him. But no, hamstrings are serious and he’s absolutely not playing. He definitely messed it up worse trying to play Sunday. Good thing i definitely don’t need him as a bye week filler this week...
  7. I picked him up last week as a bench option for Andrews and I started reading reports about how bad his blocking is, Denver fans saying he’s just not ready. TE is a tough transition to the NFL as we all know. The athleticism and talent are there but I don’t think you can get close to predicting when he will score a touchdown have a big reception. He probably will this year, but unless you’re in a super deep redraft, think 12 teams with 19 roster spots, or dynasty league, then probably pass and try to find more consistent production. I’m dropping him this week.
  8. QB1 is Rodgers. Need a backup, Goff is freaking me out big time. He looks awful. I am leaning on picking up Winston, but wanted to run this by people here to see what they think I should do. WHIR!
  9. Yeah. Pretty devastating. KK made it sound like Kirk may be at risk of missing serious time, already talking about signing another receiver. The bengals matchup was so juicy too. Feel so bad for Kirk. He was like a game or two away from a huge breakout, it was in the air. I hope he’s okay but it sounds bad.
  10. I just traded for him but I really am a bit worried about this quad. The guys body has taken a beating over the years (banal I know but he especially has a propensity for injuries) and he did re-aggrevate his quad, which is concerning. I am a big believer don’t get me wrong, he’s a stud and tough as anything. Just gauging if people think this could linger and really begin to affect his season.
  11. Go get Kirk. I’m pretty high on him. His offense is going to get him the ball and it is improving I really think he is a WR2 by the end of the year.
  12. What are we thinking here? Is he above guys like Preston Williams, Deebo Samuel in terms of stashes? Trying to estimate his value going forward. I’ve heard he has separation issues which worries me slightly.
  13. As part of a trade I have my choice of one of these two as a final throw in. Cannot make up my mind been reading for two hours. Can someone help me make a final decision? WHIR. Thank you!
  14. I think this is the right take here. People get so high and so low, last week he had some breaks and had a big time game, then last night he has some bad QB luck and people are in here telling people to drop him. He’s their WR2 and if Adams misses time their WR1. Even without Adams, that is going to be productive, and GB has an easier schedule until like late December I believe. The kid is pretty talented. Last night in .5 PPR he put up 5.5 and while not good, I doubt it’s the reason I lose if I do end up losing. MVS is raw and getting better clearly, it’s evident on the field. I see no one worth dropping him for.
  15. A supplemental deal would be Engram for Kirk and Gore and one of Diontae Johnson, Preston Williams, or Deebo Samuel. Wasn’t clear on that. Desperate for some advice I’m torn on this.