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  1. One could say so, and Cedi Osman for sure. If not "white", what is he according to you?
  2. I would keep White a bit longer but who knows... Sometimes fantasy basketball is like predicting weather with a couple of sticks.
  3. Still holding. Any hopes that this guy will start producing more, or I better move on from him? (Talent is scarce in FA pool though)
  4. Is there someone else that could play the 4, besides Chandler as a stretch 4? This could mean a window of opportunity... What is his game like? Worth grabbing in a 14 team league?
  5. My aim was to say "I am wondering if to drop him for Mitchell Robinson" , which I did, but dropping another player. Still I am curious to hear your opinions about Kelly's outlook for the rest of the season.
  6. What do you think about the minutes playes by Thon Maker? He played 23 while Henson only 10. I know this also had to do with Giannis being out but I would have expected Henson to get more minutes...
  7. What do you guys think of Kelly? Will he be around the averages of last year? He had a few underwhelming games and I am wondering if you drop him for Mitch Robinson
  8. I am holding, although not super confident on his performance, the Knicks are really thin in talent so Burke should have chances.
  9. Is he playing in the 5 spot as well or just 4? I didnt watch any Grizzlies games and I am interested in him getting Center eligibility.
  10. I am debating if I should do the same and drop Hezonja for this guy. Mario has more "cache" so I am initially reluctant. Any more opinions?
  11. As a Hezonja owner, I am interested in Dotson. You guys think he will be better than Mario and worth picking in a 14 team league?
  12. Is everybody so high in him once he is back from injury? I have my sights on him but sadly no IR left for accommodating his recovery...
  13. How do you guys feel about Tristan Thompson? I could use the numbers he put so far. Or will this fade soon and Nance be owning the Center at Cavs?