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  1. I dont think the owner would even bite on that to be honest
  2. I would. Maybe he’d bite with that but I just don’t see him trying to sell with all of them playing so well
  3. There’s no chance this goes through. Kemba side though
  4. 12 man 8 cat roto league one of the leaders in rebounds but i need 3s and assists!! Anyone truly believe Knox is gonna be a game changer this season
  5. League amount? Roster? Type of league? Lol... depending on the league amount and what your team needs, could be beneficial
  6. lmao I hear that. As long as he keeps doing what he does I don't care what he looks like
  7. Anyone notice that he's just been looking exhausted while playing lately?
  8. I refuse to continue this add/drop dance with you Slo-Mo...
  9. On 11:11 Our Lord and Savior Josh Gordon saved our ( mine specifically) fantasy week!!
  10. I'd tried to move turner if its possible. Sabonis is going to create a 50/50 timeshare soon enough if it isn't already happening.
  11. Damn that dipo owner knows what he's doing. I would've put from your side though in the initial proposition
  12. Going further do you believe this is worth entertaining?
  13. They're trying to rebalance the trade to include Ayton.. Still worth it?
  14. I too agree with the booker recommendation. He should be moved, Hamstring injuries are not a situation you want to be in.