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  1. I enjoyed this part. I own him in Dynasty and see the potentially big upside. Hope, is more than expect at this moment, though.
  2. Robby Anderson goes for 1200yds and 10TDs
  3. Done the same thing, piker. Could even see him end up on the Bills' roster come pre-season. He's not a poor player by any means. Bit of a long term dart throw, but he was sitting there and could become a relevant flex cover in matchups, even collateral in a trade down the line.
  4. ... and what if Gurley is in? Could this be a 1 half Gurley game, Rams smash the Cards for 3 scores and Gurley barely sees another snap. Could such a scenario still make Kelly a viable starter as a flex? Possibly an 8 carry / 50 yd / TD game?
  5. Gameplan here concerns me greatly. Chargers go up a couple of scores, then Gus is out of the game unless they claw it back.
  6. Thanks for the service this season, Spaghetti Shoulder, but you gone...
  7. Difference is, if Ware pulls up at all during the contest, AR knows he can simply bring Williams in. You cannot.
  8. 'Egotistical star QB talks up his own game' shocker. What he says about his game and what the truth is, are two completely seperate things, mate. His throwing arm is now about as much use as Anne Frank's drumkit.
  9. Waivered. Left him out the past 2 weeks and his two replacements scored 17 and 9 respectively, both of which were higher than Cam's totals for each week.. His shoulder is completely gone.
  10. I've picked him up off waivers. Seriously contemplating starting him over Cam this week, especially in light of the shoulder worry Cam has.
  11. I love Jaylen Samuels so much, right in his face.
  12. It's worth bearing in mind that Harbaugh is not going lay all his cards on the table by clearly stating who his starting RB is at this stage. Same when Flacco returns - will he go with this lad, or one of his more established RBs? It may be muddled, as you say (and I wouldn't disagree), but whilst it keeps us guessing it also makes it a bit of a nightmare for the Raiders to prepare for this weekend, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Personally, I've picked him up and he's gone straight into the starting lineup, but then again I'm a pro-risk sort of guy and I like the upside of it.
  13. I don't know, Fitz is on a nice upward trend on an Offence doing the same under the new coach. They're not going to be blowing teams out the water, but looking at the targets from Rosen the past weeks, it makes encouraging reading for Fitz: Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 8 12 bye 10 Keenan Allen WR LAC 6 5 bye 10 9 Of course Fitz is not the same level as receiver as Allen (not anymore, anyway!) - but it's worth considering given Allen's injury concerns this gameweek and how that may affect his production.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Brown is already taken so no chance for that unfortunately. Ware has been taking some snaps and RZ carries so quite happy retaining him. Have the Cook Murray hand cuff too. I'd feel better keeping MVS really, as though I have Allen/Cook/Chubb (potentially) for the flex, I'd just feel better having that extra WR cover. Come last 2 rounds I'll trade for strength elsewhere, maybe for significantly strong IDP