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  1. " Now, in 2019, Robinson has another chance to show his worth, playing as the third/fourth wide receiver behind Hill, Watkins, and Hardman. He just burst onto the scene in Week Two against the Oakland Raiders, with a remarkable seven catch, 172 yard, two touchdown performance. The surprising output leads to the question, why was Robinson the one who led the Chiefs in downfield offense? According to Sports Info Solutions, Kansas City trusts Robinson in the Hill role. He was sixth in targets on the team in 2017, but finished second among the receivers with seven targets of 20+ yards, or close to 21 percent of his work volume. Even though Hardman had a productive game (4-61-1), the reason he is not getting the looks is because he is not displaying reliability to catch downfield passes. At the University of Georgia, on downfield attempts, Hardman had almost as many drops (four) as receptions (five) in his final season. What about Watkins, and why won’t he be the guy to fill Hill’s role? The answer comes from Watkins himself, who told Albert Breer of on September 9th that he doesn’t think his role will change much. “I think we got the same roles,” he said. “The same particular roles. Same for me. I think we got the other guys to step up. We got Mecole Hardman in the second round. We got Demarcus Robinson. We got so many guys that can step up and play that position.” " I think he/s going to be boom / bust in the Tryreek Hill downfield threat role. Hill's role was elevated by his involvement in the run game and short passing game -- not sure Robinson's going to get that kind of usage to boost his floor. Robinson is the guy who Mahomes has really worked with to get him the ball when plays break down. With the Ravens pass rush, I could see Mahomes having to move from the pocket and targeting Robinson.
  2. This was posted in another thread. But its the reason why you would play him, even when he isn't getting yardage. Brady is showing up on the injury report this week as limited with an injured calf. I doubt he'll be vulturing another goal line TD this week -- but it could be someone else 😟.
  3. I prefer Robinson to Hardeman, though some analysts think Hardeman's role in the offense is safer long term. Hardeman caught 35 catches in his entire senior year in college so I don't see how that he would be a real weapon yet. The Chiefs like to get the punt returner / kick returner types and covert them to WR's because of their ability to make plays in crowds. But it took Tyreek a few years to become a real WR, rather than just a weapon and that's what I think will happen for Hardeman. Plus, Robinson has been on the Chiefs as a back up WR since the Chiefs drafted Mahomes. They probably got a lot of reps even from Mahomes rookie year, since they were both backups at the time. I hope Robinson is the guy with more consistency in the offense, but if he gives 2/3 Tyreek Hill production for a waiver wire price I don't think anyone will be complaining.
  4. I read Sony has zero broken tackles in the first two games... but he had plenty of them last year
  5. Another comp is AJ Green rookie year, simply because Jay Gruden was his OC then and Terry's Head Coach now and they were both rookies. While he doesn't have the draft pedigree as AJ, Jay did say Terry is a first round talent, based on hindsight. AJ Green had over a 1000 yards receiving and 7 TDs his rookie year as the clear #1 WR. Terry is not as polished as AJ but will be forcefed the ball, because he's the best talent they got and it also makes the front office look better (they have been widely panned). Jay is also believed to be coaching for his job and will do whatever it takes scheme wise to get the ball to his best playmakers.
  6. Exactly, he has the X receiver role, and beat out Josh Doctson, who also played the same spot
  7. The slot coner, Callahan, was a pro bowler for the Bears last year. Fangio made sure to sign him for the Broncos. So that spot took a downgrade (Emmanuel Sanders last week had a great game, and he operates out of the slot a lot)
  8. Last year, the backup QB wasn't too bad in his one game. Granted it was in week 17 and some backups were playing for the saints. Samuel had a decent game
  9. Daniel Jones is the starter -- this week. Anyone know anything about their rapport?
  10. I think the blocking issues will get sorted out eventually and the Pat's will play with the lead in the vast majority of their games. Sony will be grinding out a lot of yards in obvious running situations. Being a Sony owner can be frustrating, as both last year and this year there have been so many times he's stopped just short of the goal line or its ruled short of the goal line (when he actually crossed) and then got vultured by someone else running it it. His stats would be better than Blount's best year if he weren't getting vultured.
  11. I think DJ will maintain his RB1 value because Arizona plays such high tempo and the offense will potentially play a lot of snaps. In week 1, writers were attributing the high tempo for wearing Detroit's defense down in the 4th quarter and Arizona was able to move the ball and score alot more in the 4th. Even against the Ravens, they moved the ball pretty well in the 4th and scored more in the 4th. It's no coincidence that DJ scored TD's in the 4th quarter in both games.
  12. The left tackle Joe Staley broke his leg in this game. My guess is they used Kittle more for blocking to compensate and didn't need to get him the ball because they were up big so quickly.
  13. This is from my post in last years thread " I looked at the Card's offensive lines DVOA for rushing and they are ranked 29th year to date [in 2018], 17th in 2017, 7th in 2016 (DJ's big year), and 3rd in 2015 (DJ's breakout late in the year). The decay of that Offensive Line is really a big factor in his decline this year. "
  14. I was a David Johnson owner the two previous years before this (including the year he was injured as the #1 pick overall). He's still a great player, but its the offensive line that's had me concerned. I made a post in last years 2018 DJ outlook about his offensive line, each year the run blocking has gotten steadily worse, till we had last years debacle with all the injuries on the offensive line. Lots of people expected 2016 DJ to return with Kingsberry but 2016 DJ ran behind a great offensive line. He was ADP #6 player in yahoo leagues when I drafted and I avoided him at that spot because I thought that was overvalued. I ended up getting Dalvin Cook in Rd. 2 in multiple leagues and the early returns are great but you never know long term value with Cook's injury history.
  15. I was hoping for more yesterday, but can't complain at all. He did outperform Mike Evans, just like I though he would. I was encouraged that Carr kept looking for him in the end zone. He had the 1 TD in the end zone, and Carr threw an interception in the end zone, looking for Ty, but Ty apparently thought it would be a run and didn't make a play for the ball. The CB broke off from the block and made a nice interception. We're going to have to wait for the target data, but his end zone targets the last couple weeks is promising for long term value.