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  1. I need Lindsay to score less than 15.4 in standard. I would have had it pretty much wrapped up if I started Rodgers @ QB instead of Russell Wlson. Can't complain Russ had a good game. Football is a game of inches and my guys came up inches short of the end zone 4 times from what I was watching.
  2. I'm having he same debate because the Rams should be very motivated after their string of losses, including on defense. Last week almost all of DJs production was on the 1st drive and then the whole Cards offense got shutdown. There are no real threats in the passing game to open things up for DJ either. Now that WR Christian Kirk is injured, the whole offense has taken a step back. On the plus side, DJ is a big chunk of their offense and should get plenty of touches if they play better than last week
  3. Henry had a great 1st drive and was hardly used on the 2nd drive. Seemed the Skins were on the ropes on the 2nd drive with lots of penalties to keep the drive going but Henry wasn't featured on that 2nd drive, even though another TD would have put the Skins in pass mode. 8 men in the box all night -- Henry ran really well and could have blown the game open if the Titans ever led by a TD. The Titans weren't able to lead by more than a field goal till the 4th quarter. Once the Skins needed a TD in the 4th, we saw how turnover prone they could be. 22 touches for Henry was good, but everyone in the crowd was chanting his name when it was 1st and goal at the 2 yard line in the 4th quarter. It was smart to go playaction TD then; 6 more points for Henry there would have been so much better for his fantasy day
  4. Legatron is more consistent but Kaime has the peak potential any given week to win you one
  5. I picked him instead of Harrison butker because of his schedule after the bye. Most people wouldn't have done it since KCs offense is so good. but the best thing for a kicker is a offense that can't score touchdowns like Houston's and has a good defense. What a payoff!
  6. Kinda think guys are getting worn down, everyone playing through injuries. Pass defenses have seemed to be much better too later in the year as most everything offenses do is on tape. Its a blessing in disguise that a guy like Henry wasn't overworked early in the year, so he can be fresh now. There's nothing like being fresh & healthy for a RB when defenses are beaten down this time of year. I expect to see even backups shine because of this.
  7. That's a good article. I really liked Eddie George back in his day, he was old school power back. There's nothing like the fear of losing your job and not being wanted to light a fire under someone. For a big, strong back, Henry was trying to play like a little / finesse guy, instead of using his natural advantages. No way a big guy like him at 248 lbs can be as nimble as a little guy and playing "small" defeats the point of having different style RBs in the stable. If Henry keeps playing using a blend of his style with that of a power back, he can be what everyone envisions just looking at him.
  8. Loved YAHTZEE but haven't played it in forever, lol. I'm kinda concerned because Samuels only broke one tackle against the Pats and the Saints have been playing lights out on D lately and are especially tough at home. Plus the Steelers played alot of empty sets w/o a RB last week. Pats have been very bad against RBs lately and we haven't seen what Jaylen can do against a good defense yet. Since Samuels is such a good receiver he should be able to get decent passing yardage. I would put his over / under for yards around 85, don't know what others think. As someone who invested alot in getting all the lead Steelers RBs, I was thinking earlier that Conner going down might be the best thing for everyone who can play Samuels at TE. His upside at TE is simply ridiculous and might be the difference between a championship or busting this week.
  9. Just my speculation but maybe the beatdown the Jags had from Henry may caused them to give up for the rest of the year. After all the jags did play hard and win 6-0 against Indy the week before. I'm a Redskins fan who doesn't think they have a chance this weekend,. The Giants had a 40 -0 lead against the Skins in week 14 before easing up in garbage time. Those are the same Giants who one week later got pummeled by the Titans
  10. the jags have given up on their season so the Skins win against the Jags does not amount to much. Fournette's workload was intentionally reduced against the Skins so the team could see what they have in the other guys. Since they switched to Cody Kessler as QB, the Jags have scored one TD total on offense in their past 3 games and that was a garbage time one to boot. Your scenario is always a possibility but unlikely IMO. Titans should be able to win this game easily against a 4th string Redskins QB off the street 2 weeks ago --> lots of rushing to close out the game.
  11. "Now the model, which simulates every game 10,000 times, has revealed its Fantasy Football rankings for Week 16. One player the model loves this week: Titans running back Derrick Henry. Henry has been absolutely dominating over the past two weeks. In his past two starts, Henry has 50 carries for 408 yards and six touchdowns. Now, he gets a dream matchup against the Redskins, who have given up head-turning numbers to running backs in recent weeks, including Saquon Barkley's 14-170-1 stat line in Week 14 and Ezekiel Elliott's 26-121-1 performance on Thanksgiving Day. "
  12. I know people like that & they tend to be perfectionists. Even after his huge 4 TD game he was talking about all the mistakes he made & what he could have done better. When I read the comments from the coaching staff they have been waiting for him to be running with an attitude & confidence. Henry has always been hard to predict because he's been in a committee and never established himself as "the guy". I don't worry about next year, I only care about championship week right now.
  13. Henry is certainly more valuable in standard than in PPR. My take is that he's a guy who needs to have confidence in order to play well & he's finally getting there. If you read his interviews, he really beats himself up whenever he makes a mistake. So don't forget he also learned a new offense so there's an adjustment time at the beginning of the year. Plus Mariota was injured , playing through a damaged throwing elbow and thus very turnover-prone. That would make the team much less able to run a real offense and easy to shut down. That limited his upside in a committee backfield because he doesn't catch the ball. He's getting hot at the right time because the offense is finally coming together and figuring out what works.
  14. My point was if Indy can load up and stop Barkley, like the Titans did, they would control the game, which would lead to Indy running more like what they did to Dalllas & the Bills. It's much easier to stop a turnover prone team like the Giants if they have one fewer weapon. Macks ranking should reflect how easy it is for Indy to run and score on the opponents, because winning time of possession directly impacts both his ceiling and floor. I watched what the Titans did to the Giants, the Colts could easily use the same formula.
  15. Its a big concern for me too. I was watching parts of this game and the garbage pile that is this Cards offense against a bad defense. Rosen was trying to throw a number of screen passes to DJ that got tipped or fell incomplete because of the pass rush, so he was trying. Then they bench DJ & Rosen during garbage time. If its so bad DJ doesn't play during garbage time, that takes away a lot of potential production. The head coach is rumored to be fired at the end of season. Dont think thats going to help team morale.