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  1. Nope, its a pretty ok thingto complain about. I get picking up Chubb, but dropping Hyde for him? This was a a week before any trade discussions had surfaced. Why drop the nr 1 rb on the team to pick up a guy who had 16 carries all season? Do not make any sense.
  2. Chubb picked up a week ago for some reason. The guy dropped Hyde for him.. yeah, idiots that lucks into Ws sucks. Really want Duke, but not sure who to drop for him. Lamar Miller, Will Fuller, Chris Carson and Barber are the alternatives.. non ppr. Not sure if I want to drop any of them. Maybe fuller considering im pretty stacked at wr. Any thoughts?
  3. Dropped Drake this week, and im not feeling good about it. Non ppr, Im starting Clement and Gurley at rb and Golladay at the flex. I figured that if Im not starting him at home against a horrific run D, with a couple of my players on bye, Im never gonna use him. Probably should have kept him over Barber/Lamar Miller though... the upside is there, especially if/when Gore is getting injured. Just couldnt take it anymore, got angry watching all three of them on my roster.