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  1. Osman and Bridges with a combined 1/14 killing my FG% lead....I hate them with a passion smh
  2. FT was one of the 50/50 matchups and TB singlehandedly lost it for me.....makes it up in other cats so i can't be too upset. Was hoping the game was gonna go to OT like last time!
  3. Otto Porter is a big smh, finally dropped today after continuously holding
  4. Sustainable for the rest of the season?
  5. Honestly I don’t like dropping AD, but if You must id get Cedi help for mjne?
  6. Diallo has the better upside imo help for mine:
  7. Bump. Options on WW are bam and pat bev
  8. I’m in a dilemma—struggling to decide to drop Otto or Dinwiddie. I’d easily go with Dinwiddie usually but this Otto injury could be one week or two. Who would y’all drop being in the playoffs?
  9. I hate Boylen man. Doc has every right to chew him out. Bum coach
  10. Playoffs start today and I’m wondering if a streamer spot holds more value than Larry Nance. Thanks!
  11. With nance out for a unknown period of time, would it be worth to drop him for pat bev? Both have b2bs Monday and Tuesday and playoffs start tomorrow. Or is the upside of nance too high
  12. He couldn’t go go practice today....I assume he’s out for tomorrow? Drop city with the playoffs starting?
  13. Do you think that they prolongue Lonzo's injury since there's no urge to rush him back? He was just dropped in my league so I'm suspicious about that
  14. If I'm honest, everyone looks good on your team. If you insist on Hassan, I'd get rid of warren, he has a bad playoff schedule and you dont know how hes gonna be in the rotation with the suns tanking. Help here:
  15. I think it should be okay cause he only takes one per game, I'm just wondering if dropping Nance is a better move because he's had a few stinkers and his production has drastically dropped.
  16. Even with Lonzo's trash FT? Dinwiddie doesn't really hurt me in any categories
  17. PUNT TO FG TEAM. Lonzo just got dropped in my league....should I drop Larry Nance or Dinwiddie for him? Or none because I feel like Lonzo will singlehandedly tank my FT%
  18. Punt TO and FG Traded Jarrett Allen for Derrick Favors. I went for the good playoff schedule and matchups. Did I win this trade? Thanks
  19. Thanks for the reply, this is my team Steph Draymond Bledsoe Cedi Satoransky Otto Porter Kemba Larry Nance Jarrett Allen BogBog Zeller Tobias Harris J Rich
  20. h2h 9 cat my team build is punt FG TO I'm debating whether to drop cedi osman and stash dinwiddie. Similar rankings in my build but osman gets those extra playoff games Also should I try and trade Jarrett Allen? He doesn't fit my build. Looking to trade him for Millsap, B Lopez, Favors. Anyone of these plausible? Thank you