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  1. Half ppr Flex option again this week or was it a fluke?
  2. He’s got upside but also got Waller of waivers. Give him another shot?
  3. Drop Dunn for him you think? Similar boat and Dunn only has a one game left tomorrow and is questionable....really need the steals though
  4. Bjelica or Bridges for stream final two days back to back...?
  5. Drop for someone with 2 games left this week? Bjleica?
  6. Dece first game back, drop Isacc to bring him off IR? 🧐
  7. Whiteside back Friday? Put him back in as normal orrrrr
  8. Exactly, I have a punt FT and TO build and already have Giannis, Whiteside, Deandre, Nurkic, Jrue, Draymond, Fox, Demar....12 team league. Westbrook will be a nice addition I'd say over Vooch.
  9. Traded for Westbreezy and I'm happy about it. No where to go but down for Vooch
  10. Do we think he’ll be available tomorrow? If so I’ll drop my bench guy tonight to bring him back for tomorrow
  11. Highupside but bad playoff outlook. Would a trade for Jokic be beneficial long term even with him balling out like he is currently?
  12. They did play side-by-side at points in the game though. Would he be given a chance to start at the 2 you think or is that all Baze.
  13. Watching last nights game he's sneaky good defensively. Personally looking for stocks and Mikal Bridges is on the wire. Is the season long outlook on Lin strictly a backup for Trae or could we see him start at some point.