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  1. I’ve already lost in the semis but my league lets the third place winner get their money back. What chance does Derek Carr have of giving me 20.1 points (6pt td) tonight?
  2. Hey pastor, when are you going to get a gig writing a weekly segment for fantasy pros or something? I’d read the sheet out of that column. You’re entertaining as hell and right more often than not about players
  3. If my cmc and lutz get 50 combined pts i break even in my league. If they score 50 more than kamara i am in the finals. So there’s a chance 🙄
  4. Gordon, Saquon, Keenan, even Derek Carr vs bengals (after wentz goes down) all team up to sink my ship. There is still hope of cmc and lutz can score 50 pts more than kamara tomorrow. So I’m screwed
  5. If you played only people named Williams tonite you’d have 80 points in .5ppr
  6. First of all it’s goddam ridiculous that i had to scroll through 3 pages to get to the josh Gordon thread. Come on people! Now, I’m wondering how it’s going to affect him playing against Haden who he used to be teammates with. Is Haden going to pull a prank like dousing himself in grand mariner cologne? Really I’m trying to figure out if i should start him over Ingram in .5ppr but nobody is responding😕
  7. I kinda like ivory. It’s his time and he has the job solo unlike Dixon and his 3 head monster
  8. With my one last dollar i have the choice of the following studs: Carr, Allen, Driscoll, and Mullins, as well as Mariota, Manning, Giles, and Johnson. I can only pick up one more guy the rest of the year. Who is going to let me win both weeks?
  9. Hilton and Wilson. I’m not sure Broncos count as tough. Diggs is always injured and can reaggrevate it midgame
  10. Rotopat has officially ranked him higher, reinforcing my gut theory. And does The rain in Tampa make the saints less explosive and thereby Ingram less likely to have a big game?
  11. Grabbed Julio and cmc for Hines Howard and Boyd and m Thomas just before the touchdown extravaganza ( separate trades, first 3 for Julio)
  12. Hasn’t he been injured and not even playing the last 3 weeks? Or was his usage decreasing in the weeks when he was playing full strength?
  13. I would go Wilson. Ware was bottled up in Oakland, they will throttle him in Baltimore. Cook has dropped some near goose eggs and the risk of that in the playoffs is not worth it. Moore is a boom candidate but cam is having shoulder issues and it’s gonna be chilly on his fingers in Cleveland. Wilson will be the 3rd crap running back that put up good numbers in sf
  14. My answer would have been Godwin if it was in a dome, but the wind and weather in Florida looks dicey. Shepard did well as the #1 last year before his neck injury, so he should be fine for you.
  15. McCoy has a history in Buffalo of letting you down when you need him and exploding unexpectedly. Since this is an obvious slam spot, my money is a let down game, especially with a qb that runs for 130. Go with Cohen and his reception floor