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  1. Man i can’t believe how stacked that waiver wire is in 10 teamers. Your squad is good but you have excessive quality with your backup qb and rb. If someone needs a qb i think a Wilson and Michel has might net you a higher caliber rb
  2. On one hand woods might be getting even more targets now that Kupp is done. On the other hand, Kerryon is the man in Detroit and rbs like him are rare. Penny might become Kerryon 2.0. This is a close one. I would stick with woods and get penny
  3. Trade help..WHIR

    I would, but i am a huge Barkley fan. My guess is they will be a wash ros. I guess i do like getting Rogers over Brady after all and having an inconsistent back like drake might be dangerous come playoff time.
  4. Trade help..WHIR

    That is complicated as hell with all those ridiculous add ins. Can’t you just trade Gurley for Saquon and be done with it? By the way i would do that trade
  5. Jack Doyle or Austin Hooper ROS

    I would say put both out there and see which will generate more interest. I’d guess Doyle will get you more for a trade
  6. Newton has the best matchup on paper but i feel like luck would have the most points regardless of matchup to close out the year. I would have no problem dealing away guice: coming back the same as before from that injury is almost unheard of unless you’re named Adrian Peterson and you’re part cyborg.
  7. Trade deadline in hours help!

    I had meant to type ap realizes he’s old. Stupid autocorrect
  8. Trade deadline in hours help!

    I would do it. I mean, you don’t exactly need it and it will render quality starters like juju without value, but you can’t turn your back on that solid of a player. The only way this could backfire is if Jordan goes bananas and so realizes he’s actually pretty old. So it’s a risk. But i would take it in my league
  9. What would you trade for Dalton?

    Good lord man! Don’t give up jack squat for dalton. Without A.J.? He was middling with his best playmaker. I would rather pick up a craptastic one week replacement for Mahomes like Bortles or even Cullen or even Rosen than sacrifice any part of my team, present or future, for one week of dalton
  10. Oj Howard for Ingram? Hold on, hear me out

    I don’t have much depth beneath Ingram is another consideration; just ekeler and Malcom brown
  11. Spencer Ware or Christian Kirk?

    Ware rest of season, Kirk better this week, but it’s fitz team the rest of season
  12. Julio For Edelman and Ingram

    I’d probably give up Edelman. But it’s close
  13. Ingram, Crowell, and Ekeler WHIR

    Ingram and crow are the chalk answers and also probably the correct ones. One could make a case for game script to really favor both ito and ekeler but there is far more risk there that is unnecessary
  14. The fantasy gods frown on this sort of thing. Sometimes the bad karma doesn’t show up till next year but it will get you at some point