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  1. You cleaned up on the first few trades; I’d say you won each of those hands down. I like ingram a bit more than Carson this year tho, especially with Kyler thrown in
  2. I have no problem giving up kamara for that group. Kamara was not nearly as consistent as cmc or saquon last year; i don’t think he should continually be valued like them. Mack is going to be the focal point and the colts main strength is their online
  3. I would be really curious to hear who is on your bench and who you’d be dropping him
  4. Samuels and any other Steelers player on a team without any of its stars is not worth a pick up. Robinson will be so inconsistent; i predict a slew of drops by week 4 then his name will be back here after another blow up game in week 9 then nothing.
  5. Gordon, Gordon , and AB on the same team? Good lord, give me a nice consistent Robert woods or something with no risk
  6. I traded my cousins and donte montcreif for pollard and Aaron Rogers. To a huge packer fan no less. ( he was having to start demarius Thomas at wr and was in a panic). Now I have to decide if I should start Rogers or Winston this week at qb
  7. I’d add Darryl Henderson, gio and hill and drop stills Tate and maybe singletary. Tate will be just ok in 5 weeks; you really want to wait that long for just ok? And if Gurley goes down, Henderson is a rb1, but if gore goes down, singletary is still bleh
  8. Heck no! Don’t do it. Zeke will miss maybe 1 game if that. Aaron Jones and Montgomery will both be top 15 by years end and the karmic tidal wave that will hit Le’Veon for the bullshnarky that he unleashed on the world will manifest itself shortly in the form of an out of shape dez Bryantesque acl tear
  9. I would hold tight to pollard and samuels; they instantly become rb1s if Connor or zeke get injured. I like Herndon as a pick up over Darwin, now that he’s lower on the depth chart
  10. I would take the deal as is. Landry will be a waste of roster space and Kupp will not be 100%. ( the 2nd year back from acl tears is when they are recovered fully, if at all). I do like Montgomery but dj is certainly an upgrade
  11. Decent team! My only complaint is the bottom of your bench; gore, barber, and Thomas, and maybe even counter and fun chess are all limited upside plodders who best case scenario will get you one bye week of play for limited points. At this stage it would be advantageous to fill it up with lotto tickets; Mattison in Minnesota who would become a rb1 when cooks gets inevitably injured; edmunds in Arizona; even mecole Hartman who would become a must play as soon as prosecutors find a bit more evidence on Tyreek Hill. I don’t know who’s on your waivers right now
  12. Hill is the lottery ticket that will cash in at some point this year
  13. Double impressive, then. It’s going to be hard to try to figure out who to drop come bye weeks
  14. Here is the team i drafted tonight: qb: Winston, cousins rb: saquon, cmc, Hines, Mattison, samuels, Henderson wr: woods, locket, Dede, Kirk, montcrief te: engram i missed out on a couple of guys i really wanted ( d mont, diggs, Kyler Murray) because of their inflated cost se people still on waivers are: Justin Jackson, mecole harrman, a bunch of TE, Rudolph Waller, Herndon to name a few. Should i i make any moves?
  15. Excellent! I’m assuming there was some keeper action going on , otherwise I can’t see how you’d land Julio and tyreek in a snake or how you’d afford all the stars in auction. You might add a QB; I’m not sure cam will be 100%