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  1. Need 6 more players. All of the current ones are active and competitive. Pool split: 1st - $240 2nd - $100 3rd - $60 Scoring Pts 1, Rbs 1.2, Asts 1.5, Stls 3, Blks 3, 3PM 1, TO -1.5, DD 2, TD 4 I'd prefer if you were active within the league, but we'll gladly take anyone's free money. Payment through LeagueSafe majority option. Draft will be some time in October when we can agree on a date. Everything else aside, I'm a chill commish and listen to everyone's thoughts.
  2. to be fair, he was playing tremendously bad back then. still held on though.
  3. Only rosterable in 10-team+ point leagues
  4. You won't make it past the semis with that mentality
  5. 3 games of LeVert isn't gonna make or break your season
  6. I'm dropping. I'd rather have 4/4/4 from someone like Jabari than 3/3/3 from LeVert.
  7. I feel they'll play the guy they paid 4 picks for more than upper teen minutes.
  8. I knew it was worth holding on to you Kevin, never doubted you for a second! Still not drafting you next year though.
  9. Looks like coming off the bench is the place to be for Wizards centers
  10. Anyone else thinking of dropping him? Tyler Johnson looking nice on the waivers.
  12. 10 minutes of Love Kevin Love has been ruled out after playing 10 minutes in the first quarter. Having glared at the shot clock for half a second too long, he is now under concussion protocol. He is expected to take non-contact practice during the off-season.
  13. As long as he ends up with 25+ minutes I'll be happy
  14. The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.