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  1. You can't win without him!
  2. Isaac seems like he'll be back soon, and Anderson has a clearer path to minutes with Brooks out for 6-8 weeks. Should I drop Bagley for one of them? H2H Points.
  3. I would take it, that's a lot of value for Kemba.
  4. Derrick White 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Ruled out for tomorrow. Anyone else worried he'll be rested quite a bit?
  5. DeRozan. Rose has been playing well and will cut into Teague's minutes.
  6. Who should I pick up? 10 Team H2H points.
  7. Vucevic for Capela + Westbrook

    That's a league breaking trade
  8. Out of those I would take Bledsoe. But I think I'd rather have THJ over him anyways. Knicks still need to sell tickets, and THJ is their only scorer alongside Kanter.
  9. I'd go for it, not taking too big of a hit and you're getting 2 2nd/3rd rounders in return.
  10. Who would you Drop for BroLo?

    Probably Nemanja, not too sure about his ROS outlook.
  11. Too much for Dipo?

    Do it and pick up Harrell.
  12. Drummond easily. You have enough FT anchors, and Drummond had his 5th 20/20 game of the season yesterday.
  13. I would stick to Lillard and JRich, though it is very close.
  14. Definitely go for Dipo side. He's in for another top 15 season.
  15. My Davis for his Butler and Jrue?

    I would take it only in 12+ team leagues.