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  1. AD/e Payton/SGA for vuc/ibaka/Otto
  2. AD/e Payton for LeBron/brook Lopez points league
  3. AD for kemba/klay/ josh Jackson points league
  4. AD/E payton/justin holiday for Kemba/Horford/kris dunn points league
  5. Pick 2 justin holiday d Wright Zubac points league
  6. drop lonzo ball for Ivan Rabb? points league
  7. Well think that’s the only way to make the trade happen is to take on the risk
  8. Kanter/d white for j lamb/e Payton points league
  9. AD/SGA for KAT/Bagley Points league
  10. Which side in these trades? Trade 1 AD/sga/thj for kat/Bagley/Gary Harris trade 2 AD/thj/e Payton for LeBron/Bogdanovic (sac) and Rubio points league
  11. AD/e Payton for Kat/b Ingram points league
  12. Trade 1: A Davis/hardaway for LeBron/McCollum trade 2: thj/e Payton/SGA for Otto porter/d white /will Barton points league
  13. No I wouldn’t
  14. Randle
  15. Faried kleber j holiday Austin rivers mikal bridges