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  1. Who wins? Whir

    Trade 1: A Davis/hardaway for LeBron/McCollum trade 2: thj/e Payton/SGA for Otto porter/d white /will Barton points league
  2. Faried kleber j holiday Austin rivers mikal bridges
  3. Rank these end of bench guys whir

    Sexton is also available
  4. Would you do this 3-2 trade? - 100% WHIR

    No I wouldn’t
  5. Big Trade - Who Won?

  6. No idea what to do...

    George side
  7. Who wins? Whir

    Hardaway/sga for tj warren/d white Points league
  8. Which side here? Whir

    Hardaway/e Payton for kanter/d white points league
  9. Which side here? Whir

    12 team
  10. Which side? Whir

    Hardaway/dlo/e Payton for ibaka/will Barton/d white points league
  11. Drop nance? Whir 100

    I would stay put
  12. Time to drop Gay? WHIR

    I would move on drop him
  13. Lamb or Teague/Dunn

    Lamb is the worst
  14. Who to drop for tonight?

  15. Who wins whir

    Hardaway/e Payton for ayton/d white points league
  16. who wins whir

    Dlo/hardaway/e Payton for Kanter/tj warren/d white points league
  17. Gasol for Ayton? WHIR

    Ya do it
  18. Jimmy Buter for Bledsoe, Gay, Love, Galinari?

    You lose son
  19. My Ayton for Drummond?

  20. Aldridge+Dinwiddie for Towns?

    Kat by far
  21. 2 for 3 Trade - Which side wins? (12-team H2H)

  22. Drop EG and Nance? Whir 100

    I would stay put
  23. Conundrum; Bryant, DWhite, Oubre...... WHIR

    Go white
  24. Which side? Whir

    Tim hardaway jr/e Payton for brogdon/tj warren/d white Which side here? points league