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  1. Would you make these moves?

    Drop smart and gay for taj and rondo.. be patient with sexton
  2. Who wins? Whir

    Drummond side! Press that accept button fast! Hehe
  3. Do I have space for D.White? WHIR 100%

    If you have an IL get white, then drop winslow when time comes
  4. Trading my Luka..WHIR

    Yeah do it! Your Lonzo and luka for Kyrie and tatum
  5. 2 for 1 trade

  6. Tim Hardaway Jr 2018-2019 Outlook

    I think they will let him rest, and knox is coming back.
  7. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Before the season starts levert owner offer me for my hayward! And i declined it 😵 now this guy is more than a mile away better than hayward! Hehehe
  8. Its like kemba for mccollum and murray (kemba side) and gasol for lopez (for sure it’s gasol)
  9. Ayton for Jrue.. WHIR as wlawys

    anyway what’s your line up?
  10. AD offered — should I accept??

    For a 12 team i would hit that accept with no brainer hehe but like what they said, it’s gonna be vetoed
  11. Ayton for Jrue.. WHIR as wlawys

    Ooopppss! Certainly i would do that trade! But i think that trade will be vetoed
  12. For long term it’s JJJ and Mitchell.. but for now it’s crowder and mitchell..
  13. drop ersan and add Shelvin Mack?

    Yeah! For me i would do that! Mack has more upside
  14. Ayton for Jrue.. WHIR as wlawys

    you can get a better C for jrue..