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  1. I'm in for this (assuming payments will be handled through League Safe and such). DM me please? Thank you! I remember playing fantasy sports when LaDainian Tomlinson was a rookie, so's been a while for me, too.
  2. There's no reason why he'll be capped at 25 minutes this year. His breakout last year was predicated on a career high usage rate of 29.8%. His role on the Clips hasn't changed. You drafted Lou for a reason (points, 3 pointers, FT%, a few assists)...there's no reason to expect him to fall significantly short in those area this year.
  3. I think you need another week at least for buy low / sell high candidates to really appear. Unless you really have people willing to go off of 3 games. But here are some guys to keep an eye on who may continue their slow starts and be good buys. Most of the time, I think the ones to target are the players who aren't getting as many minutes as they could end up getting: Kyle Anderson Lonzo (but he only works in certain builds) Isaac (not a mins thing, he's just sucked) Wendell Carter, Jr. Crabbe (while everyone rides LeVert train) Kuzma Bog. Bogdanovic Kyrie (if you can convince his owner that Tatum has taken over as the #1 scoring option) Hayward (but you'll have to be patient) M. Gasol & Conley (both are being slept on generally, old and being on a small-market team that recently sucked) I don't have many great sell-highs, but I'd sell guys who are volume shooting like crazy without efficiency. Tim Hardaway, Jr., I'm looking RIGHT at you. And why I'm not including Mirotic or LeVert here. But if you say, got offered an early round guy for either of those two, you take it.
  4. I mean, as a Trae Young owner, I'm still expecting sub-40% FG%, but he's still going to be very, very valuable.
  5. Right now, it's looking like it. Huge part of a rookie on a decent team's success is predicated on earning your coach's trust, especially with a coach as tough as Rivers. And he's well on his way there. Which other rookies could be up there? Sexton - should become starter soon, already getting high minutes, low efficiency numbers, will be high volume. Think DSJ or Fox last year..may not be startable. Bamba - If they fall out of contention and trade Vuc. Has played some minutes w/ Vuc. If he gets mins, he'll be a monster with blocks and FG%, a few 3s. Knox - might end up lower in efficiency stats than Sexton and is also hurt right now. Bagley - might not get unleashed this year. Prob won't have a very exciting full line (points/rebs/percentages). I could see someone like Huerter or Miles Bridges or even Grayson Allen or Hamidou Diallo surprise in a big way, but as of right now with how things are trending, I think SGA could end up being top-5 in fantasy and IRL.
  6. No, not at all. Disclaimer: I'm a Grizz fan. Our rotations are generally kind of a mess and in flux right now. However, Jambone's injury means JJJ will play big minutes right off the bat, while he was generally expected to be eased in at beginning of year. Rabb isn't in the rotation and Casspi at the 4 is meh. The move is definitely beneficial short-term IMO and could end up being beneficial all season long. Still, D'Lo is such a drag on your FG% and I think you can find other players with a very similar package as him (i.e. high volume, low efficiency shooters). Hell, trade a few assists for rebounds, but won't a guy like Melo put up similar numbers? JJJ has a far more unique skillset because of the aforementioned stocks. However, he does seem to offer offensive upside, too, which makes him extremely valuable. I just drafted two auction leagues last few days where JJJ went for more than D'Lo.
  7. This is an old thread, but figured I'd add my roster that I just drafted (Yahoo Pro100). Auction draft that was kind of weird. I'm usually a punt points guy, but I ended up with Harden within the first five minutes even though I wasn't intending on winning him. So I had to zag and went with punt FG%. Harden Booker Ball Covington Millsap Isaac M. Gasol M. Turner L. Williams Tr. Young Fox (IL) Markkanen