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  1. I owned him. His second last game was a dud because he bumped his knee on a drive. That was the only reason why Atkinson sat him. His last game was a dud because of the incident of course. LeVert was the real deal and was pretty much the only player you could bet on playing during crunch time. How fast he returns to that level is anyone's guess. Before those two games he was ranked in the 60's and was even ranked in the 40's during points of the season.
  2. Damn I just dropped last night with no more IL spots left. Glad to hear it wasn’t as brutal of an injury as we all assumed though! Loved watching the kid play. They’ll probably ease him back in at this point though. No point rushing him back. Lol in the same exact situation. Barton will likely be able to pick off where LeVert left off though. Minus some scoring but with better ft%
  3. Fuhhh Caris down. Mayday mayday. Vote please!
  4. "Tobias Harris (illness) is questionable for Thursday's game vs. the Blazers. Advice: He didn't go through shootaround and could be headed for a game-time decision tonight. Danilo Gallinari would likely gain the most usage in his absence, while Mike Scott would also step into a significantly bigger role. We'll know more closer to tip-off." Bruh, I hope he plays. I'm going against a team with Gallo tonight. If he goes off tonight with Harris out...
  5. Man this guy and danny green decimated my fg% today lmao
  6. Depends on your team's build. I think it'll look like this FG: Dinwiddie FT: Tied 3PTM: Tied PTS: Dinwiddie REBS: White AST: Tied STLS: White BLKS: White TO: Dinwiddie will turn the ball over less
  7. On a team that's far and away the top of of the league in rebounds, who would you rather have as your 4th C-- Zach Collins or Markieff Morris?
  8. Damian Lilllard DeMar DeRozan Jayson Tatum for Stephen Curry Kyrie Irving Tobias Harris
  9. Played 31 minutes tonight against the Bucks. Highest +/- with +21. 7/12 FG 2 Threes 16 Points 11 Rebounds 4 Assists 1 Steal 0 Turnovers. Averaging a solid line of 10.4 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 4.1 apg, 0.9 spg. If you're team is already stacked with 3's or punting 3's then he's definitely a great glue guy to add.
  10. I know it's early in the season but this guy has been bricking his free throws.
  11. Any reason why his assists have dipped? Was expecting this guy to be top 5 in assists when I drafted him. Wish I drafted Lowry instead ?