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  1. I wonder would the blurb will say lol...he’s getting traded or shut down candidate lol
  2. Up 21 with Denver D and Lindsay left in my big money league. He has Jordy I’ve already started crowning myself. Also up 21 in another money league he has Cook and Denver D. I have no one left I’ll probably lose that one.
  3. Gotta get in this thread before it locks forever
  4. Its the end of the season and they are out of playoff contention so it’s possible he gets shut down.
  5. I don’t see Seattle slowing down Mahomes . Mullens was slinging on them
  6. If Vance gets fired and they can find a decent coach with a brain he should thrive. They need a new QB also.
  7. That guy that made that Marlon Mack for OBJ trade is winning right now lol.
  8. Vance Joseph needs to be fired once that happens Lindsay won’t have a handicap.
  9. I have Chubb and Lindsay playing I do not like the way this game going
  10. It’s either him or Golladay for me I think I’ll go with Golladay