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  1. Gurley stat line 2mr...80 rush yards 2 rush tds 3 rec 30 rec yards 1 rec td!
  2. Man I say 4-6 weeks smh I have Mahomes Kelce and Hill.
  3. I don’t think it was last year I remember down the stretch Williams was balling fantasy wise when Jones got hurt
  4. Maybe if Eric Fisher was back I can see them blowing the doors open. Chiefs haven’t been an efficient offense lately sadly. I have Mahomes,Reek and Kelce I’m suffering.
  5. Flacco, Knee issues and run heavy gameplan this week he’s on the bench. He always blows up on my bench btw.
  6. Want no part of the eagles game everything else is fine
  7. Man idk if this guy is even the for sure ball carrier could change within the game smh.
  8. If Jonathan Joseph is on him he will have a decent day. Joseph routinely plays 10 yards off receivers so Moore should have a bunch of catches. I’m a Texans fan
  9. I think we are past grade 1..I’m hoping for grade 2 and two weeks
  10. Hopefully it’s just a few weeks he’s out best case I believe
  11. Davante said he has turf toe I guess 2mr we will find out which grade
  12. I’m getting offered Gurley for Adams idk how I feel about that
  13. Sanders,Golladay and Adams smh. benched Shady because of the reports!