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  1. TY just had a 200 yard game. He's more than healthy enough to play.
  2. I would say so, yeah. Next year will be a great year for a top pick.
  3. Gurley falling to 3 would be kind of ridiculous IMO.
  4. I had the highest scoring week of my league's history. Unfortunately I had a bye this week..... Such a waste. 10 years. 208 ppr points. Luck T. Hill Juju CMC Kamara Hilton Kittle B. Maher N.E. D
  5. I’m not saying they should use him more, he plays 95% of their snaps or whatever the % is. All I’m saying is that their team would be better if cam didn’t take negative plays the way he does, and instead drop it off to CMC.
  6. Not really. Totally fine with what he’s produced. I watch the games and he’s often open on checkdowns for positive yardage but cam tries to be Superman too often and it leads to incompletions.
  7. He way overdrafted! I got him for a shoelace in our auction 🤣
  8. Could be my eyes deceiving me but TY looks bigger and stronger this year than before. I think he’s able to win short-medium length routes more because of this.
  9. I’m confident in kamara producing well these last 2 weeks. He’s had top-tier games since Ingram came back, I think the bigger issue with his mediocre scores has been the struggles for the saints offense the past couple weeks. This Carolina team is dead in the water at this point, wouldn’t surprise me to see NO put 40+ on them giving kamara plenty of action.
  10. The funny thing is CMC should be getting more touches based on the 5-6 panther games I’ve watched. Their receivers get no separation and cam holds the ball forever, forcing a throw away or sack instead of checking down to an open CMC.
  11. This panthers offense has no one except CMC. Cam can't run the way he was going for the first half dozen games or so for a whole season. CMC is their guy, hopefully they stay in playoff contention the next 2 weeks so they keep riding him.
  12. CMC is closing in on RB-1 in ppr leagues. Currently 13 points behind Gurley and 9 behind Saquon. Let's go CMC!!!!
  13. If I get a top 3 pick I'm taking this guy. Most talented RB in the league IMO.
  14. Holding onto CMC during his early season "slump". Trading Greg Olsen and Funchess for A. Luck from the guy who picked Mahomes in a later round. That's about it. I had my best draft of all-time this year by far. Just start my studs and let it ride.