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  1. i was asking to pick him up for tomorrow update says hes playin so i scooped him up
  2. is he playing tomorrow? no tags next to his name
  3. biggest fall off in fantasy sports history from beginning of the season to the end
  4. A manager in my Yahoo league got mad he lost and dropped his entire team to “disrupt” the league.. i was able to add most the players back to his squad and lock his roster, but 3 players already had waiver claims put in... is there a way to cancel those claims so that i can put those players back on his roster? BTW Im posting this here because it’s a general question and not team specific.
  5. sexton
  6. I know it sounds retarded that I even had to ask, but I honestly just made this thread to show them how funny they're moving..... Dude's little cousin most likely got mad cuz he had a higher waiver priority. Which leads me to my next question...How do I cancel waiver claims? I'm having trouble putting 3 players back on his team, because it doesnt let me convert them to free agents once a waiver claim has already been put in. How do I handle that?
  7. what is the customary thing to do here? he dropped all his players after he lost with the sole intent of “disrupting” the league (his words) i reversed his actions and now he’s trying to spin it into me being wrong for using my commissioner abilities to block something that’s “perfectly legal” .. even more shocking, his cousin (who has a higher waiver priority) is agreeing that i should’ve never used my power to reverse it because not everyone has that capability lmao my view is that the commissioner has these abilities to use discretion in case somebody tries to sabotage a league, like in this very instance. my fantasy heads, how would you go about this sorta thing?
  8. thats ridiculous (like the og poster) ...... people are losing big money over these blunders
  9. bledsoe just stole the ball and they gave brook lopez credit where do we address that for correction?