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  1. He’s definitely a 10 team drop. I’m debating whether to cut him in my 14 team..
  2. Should I offer THJ for this guy?? think he would bite? im in a 12 team 9cat H2H sitting in 2nd place
  3. I’m comfortably in second place 12 team h2h 9cat no IR spot should I drop this Kyle Anderson guy for someone like Justin Holiday or Mario Hezonja?.. Or consider holiding?
  4. Guys with injuries like his typically don’t come back the same season or at least don’t perform like the same player. Despite the optimistic projections. I’d let someone else stash him
  5. John Wall would look good with your build, despite already having an abundance of guards. Possibly a deal around Porter?
  6. Thanks for the responses. I accepted, obviously. Even if it’s tilted in your favor; its not always comfortable accepting a trade when you have the best team in your league. AD has a lot of red flags past the stats: - Consistent nagging injuries - Even when he’s “playing” he’s sitting games. - Guy has Pelicans by the balls; could very well pull a jimmy butler Who likes having the fate of their fantasy season rest solely on one player? I still feel like even though this trade is incredible... I could have coasted through regular season without this gamble on AD
  7. I like the Embiid side but can understand taking AD here
  8. 12 Team H2H 9-cat I’m currently sitting in 1st place after 3 weeks. Guards: Oladipo, Shroder, Brogdon, E. Gordon Swings: Derozan, Middleton, Hardaway, T. Young, Gallinari Bigs: Capela, D. Howard, Milsap, Aldridge, Griffin Team offered me: A. Davis G. Hill B. Forbes For Shroder Milsap Capela My first instinct is to spit out my drink and hit accept immediately... however, my team is healthy and performing well—jumping out to a quick league lead. I have the depth to make essentially a 3 for 1 swap like this. But do I?! What do you think? Appreciate the help
  9. Don’t bite on cp3 you’re buying high here. Just hasn’t been durable enough Dipo is an easy no... you could make a case for Jru— I personally say pass
  10. I have gallo and would never offer for cousins. Take the guy who’s playing
  11. Prefer serge, stats are less replaceable
  12. Hopefully you’ve already accepted by now..
  13. I think it’s a good trade for your team. There’s obvious health risk in Galinari but I think you can afford losing the blocks
  14. Leonard has a slightly juicier all-around fantasy game