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  1. Wow!!! They were saying NOT to do a QB sneak because of his ankle and they do a QB sneak!!!!
  3. Based on what they have produced, yes, I believe it's 0-6.
  4. Drop someone like Mike Williams. I wouldn't drop McCoy. Last week, KC's entire offense was off.
  5. McCoy, NOT one rushing attempt???!! WTH!??
  6. I started them both, 107 combined points!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm a desperate Barkley owner, 1-3, and I would not do that trade due to this week's matchup. If Gallman stinks it up, you can definitely get him cheap.
  8. That trade can work for both sides. I like it.
  9. Thanks! What if I asked for Josh Gordon? It would be McCoy and Thomas for Kamara and Gordon.
  10. Yeah, I would I try it. It's worth the upgrade.
  11. I was just offered Kamara for Michael Thomas and McCoy. 16 team league and we start: QB,RB,WR,WR,WR/TE, we can only max at 2 RBs My squad: QB: Watson/Jones RB: Barkley, Conner/Samuels, McCoy WR/TE: Thomas, John Brown, Tyrell Williams, Waller It's a fair offer, but I think I'm too thin at WR to make the trade.