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  1. I’d go Kirk, Damien, and Galloday damien will be Chiefs #1 and is being slept on. I love Miami but Cousins has a damn good chance to score multiple TDS. Jets D is less banged up then Miami who’s without their #1 CB
  2. This week’s rough man not sure who to start, any suggestions QB cousins or Lamar? RB Kamara RB Adam Jones WR Odell WR Tyreke hill TE Njoku flex Chubb D Jags K lutz watson mitch drake engram landry
  3. Drake, cowboys D is so damn good. Drake has more upside here imo but I love Miami so might be bias
  4. Don’t know who to start both have good match ups. Cousins vs Miami, Jackson vs Tampa
  5. He’s available in my league. Don’t know if I should pick him up before he heats up again.
  6. You think he could be a nice pick up? Suppose to ramp up activities the next few days and could be back later then week for the rockets. I know they have Paul and Harden at guard but I’m talking very deep leagues like 14-20 teams,
  7. It seems like whenever they are getting blown out he eats. When it’s close he don’t get as much run. Hawks get blown out a lot so he’s definitely worth your last bench spot
  8. What do y’all think about OG from the raptors?
  9. He’s not gonna be elite until he puts on more weight but I think he will be more serviceable when Lauri comes back. Then the Bulls can run the style of offense they want. Portis and Jabari will eventually become unownable unless your in very deep leagues.
  10. Aldridge and Oladipo for sure. I was big on Lamb last year thought he should start but instead of clear up the wing situation they drafted more wings lmao if Lamb can stay the starter tho I think it’s pretty damn even. Derozan is filthy.
  11. Kyrie side, Blake just hasn’t proven he can play without missing significant time
  12. Tough call. Rondo can have some amazing games but also really poor ones. Reggie is a bit more consistent but injury prone. Depends on if you think It’s more likely Reggie stays healthy or Lonzo doesn’t overtake Rondo.
  13. Gallo can’t stay healthy so yeah if he bites he bites