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  1. Might just drop him if he’s garbage again
  2. Imagine my best player killing me in the playoffs
  3. In my championship where I held him all week. This one hurts.
  4. I picked up Pruitt hoping... it’s been like 10 days. Get the man some work.
  5. I also need him to get shelled today. Not even shelled really, just like 5 innings 4 runs and the loss.
  6. Can we stop jynxing this guy? Thanks.
  7. Castillo, Sanchez, and hopefully a three inning win from luzardo? Need a big night.
  8. Start firing up your back up plans now.
  9. They played a terrible jags team and knew they could play conservatively nothing about this start concerned me. This week? The chargers are in for a rude awakening.
  10. Playing against homer and wainwright in the championship. Someone put me out of my misery.
  11. Hoping he is okay. Dude is talented, I was looking forward to his 150 yard game this Sunday.
  12. Anyone else excited to watch chubb only get 10 carries against the rams?
  13. Championship week guys and I need some help. Any bulkers the next few days? I picked up verhagen already. Anyone else?