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  1. I drafted Jokic #3 overall in my points draft. Couldn’t be happier. Giannis and Harden went 1 and 2. I’ve had Jokic 3 straight years now.
  2. So glad I traded him for Westbrook in December. This must be stressful lol
  3. This doesn’t look so dumb now does it? 😂 got Westbrook and Adams. Although in a category league Westbrook is probably garbage this year. My points league he’s #1 PG
  4. I don’t think they end up with Davis regardless. Tatum is like 20 though and looks like a superstar. He isn’t going anywhere. I think the Lakers will get him for a Ball Ingram + picks package. Not sure they trade Ball Ingram and Kuzma. Although they might, AD is obviously worth it all.
  5. I’m a Nuggets fan lol. I’m just saying, Tatum is going no where.
  6. Brown and Hayward I think would be the package. Maybe Terry Rozier and Brown. Smart, idk. No way they trade Tatum.
  7. In my humble opinion, absolutely 0% chance Tatum is traded.
  8. Idk what to do. I play a points league. I bought low on Chris Paul while he was hurt and now he is back. My three worst players are Hayward, Josh Richardson, and Jeremi Grant. Which one do I drop? If you take names away the numbers say Hayward all day.
  9. I traded away AD and Horford for Westbrook and Steven Adams 2 weeks ago, I was nervous about a shut down or trade. Keep in mind I play in a points league. Idc that Westbrook goes 5/20 lol. He’s the #1PG and Adams the #10 center so I’m happy with that move. This is crazy though, any teams outside of Boston or LA that should be considered? 76ers?
  10. If brown is traded... I will draft Juju... 1st overall. He will be the best player in football. 127/1750/11
  11. Absolutely love this dude. Inconsistent, whatever. Dude will light you up.
  12. I play in a points league, so efficiency doesn’t matter. I traded AD away as of 10 minutes ago. I got Westbrook and Stevan Adams the PPG difference in my league between Westbrook and Davis is only 4 points. With way less shut down risk. I might kick myself later. But nothing worse then watching your studs gets rested during your playoffs.
  13. Do we hold AD? Or get rid of him while we can?
  14. What do you guys think, sell high or hold? I had him last year. He wasn’t very good until the final month he flipped the switch and went beast mode. Won my league. I don’t think he’s this good, and I’m trying to package him and get a top 15 player. Jrue holiday, Oladipo, PG. think it’s worth it?