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  1. Thinking about dropping Oubre or Winslow for him. If he starts over Mirotic if Davis gets traded what do you think his ROS looks like?
  2. 9 cat H2H. Don't see much upside with Hayward
  3. I can't because I'm a probationary member bro [Nevermind I didn't realize you just needed 10 posts. That last post did it for me]
  4. [can't post in the assistant coach forum yet] Would you give up hayward for barton?
  5. There's definitely a correlation between the Clippers doing well and Trez playing well. If Doc isn't an idiot, he should know to play him and give him minutes. I think things will get better when Lou Will gets back.
  6. Oh lord this will surely affect his fantasy value. Drop him now
  7. This exactly. Unless someone can explain why exactly, this just seems like a bull**** coincidence that he's been playing well the second half of the season the past few years. He has been tanking my FG% and his inconsistency is annoying, but he's been providing elsewhere so I'm riding him at this point.
  8. I'm confused as to how that could possibly be a good trade for the other guy
  9. glad to see he's playing well, too bad I sat him today
  10. Yeah valid point. I'm going to hold and not do anything rash just yet.
  11. How is this the wrong forum bud? Isn’t this under fantasy basketball talk? [edit: I’m new here. Just found the assistant coach forum lol] I also understand it may it may be a bit of an overreaction but how many more games of this type of production would it take to warrant starting to worry about him? The “second half of the season” argument that people make doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, given that he’s not injured nor is he working with a new team here.
  12. Should I drop him? He is playing so bad right now I'm considering dropping him to pick up McGee or Sabonis (I can afford to drop a pg) in my 8-cat league.