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  1. I have only medium confidence in Arob from a fantasy perspective. In real life he is playing good football, matching up against most teams top cornerbacks and making crucial, difficult catches. But in the redzone, Trubisky just has so many options that Arob isn't guaranteed a TD. In fact, numerous times this season, Miller has been the recipient of these redzone touchdowns. Trubisky will have a decent game, but not necessarily Arob. I actually consider him a td or bust this week in standard leagues, and WR3/flex play in 0.5 ppr. He's a safe play in full ppr. Sherman will likely be covering him.
  2. https://www.theduel.com/posts/6254183-keenan-allen-s-4-million-catch-bonus-could-be-bad-news-for-his-fantasy-owners LOL this article though
  3. I probably wouldn't. But depends on your line up. If you need safe points go with Lamar. He'll probably get you 15 points.
  4. He's a decent player. Still don't understand why he was dropped by Washington. He's major limiting factor is having enough time to get used to the offensive schemes. Otherwise he's a decent pass catcher in real life. For most fantasy ppr leagues , unless J Williams is injured, he's probably going to be a desperation flex play at best. He'll probably get 5 to 7 touches this week.
  5. 0.5 ppr. Allen Robinson (solid play, but might get shadowed by Sherman) Keenan Allen (best player, but injury risk, tough matchup) Dante Pettis (against chicago, but they are weak against the outside receiver) Jordy Nelson (he's playing well. But it might rain on Monday)
  6. The classic wait til your opponent is on a airplane technique I approve
  7. What is your opponent doing you are beating him to the punch everytime 😅😅
  8. 0.5 ppr. Please pick 2. Keenan Allen Allen Robinson Dante Pettis Jordy Nelson
  9. I'm considering not starting but it's tough. Also have Pettis and Arob. I'm trying to wonder what I would do if Allen were completely healthy and just consider if he would be a good play against a stout Ravens defense that Also has a run heavy defense that tends to run the clock and control the game.
  10. Anyone willing to guess his stat line? My guess is.. 6 receptions 68 yards, one TD
  11. You make good points about him being a bad decoy.
  12. Legitimately worried he will be somewhat of a decoy
  13. He's my favorite fantasy kicker. Good situation for him to thrive.