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  1. I agree with the narrative here lol. There's a subjective element to this of course, but you can see it in his body language. One thing I did find interesting though, was almost everytime he was subbed off he would be asking not to come off to the sideline, gesturing "one more snap" basically. To me this suggests he knows he's in a slump, and expects more of himself, and is hungry to prove it. I think the effort is there, he's not checked out, but sometimes when you're too hungry you get desperate, and get sloppy on your technique. He made a really nice play on that 2 point conversion, which was actually initially targeting Godwin, but it bounced around and he dove to make the catch.
  2. Conner looked good. He was banged up but nothing major. Has two weeks to heal
  3. Sorry this is too late. But I woild have picked Malcolm Brown and Damien Williams
  4. Gotta go with AP and Malcolm Brown. I'm suspicious of cooks after his concussion
  5. I think kirk is out for tomorrow. Sanu by default
  6. I was debating if the return of Ward and Williams to the Cleveland secondary might make it a tougher match up for Lockett. Kirk and DJ will be playing. And for Conner Hodges doesn't seem that terrible?
  7. Fail. I actually meant to put the trade as. Evans + Waller for Edelman + Everett.
  8. 0.5 ppr, 14 team redraft league. Any advice appreciated whir.
  9. He's been on it every week for his foot. The shoulder is new. So as mentioned above, just worth monitoring.
  10. 0.5 PPR Format. How would you rank these ROS? On paper Conners looks like the clear winner, but that PIT offense looks stale. Singletary looks poised to take over the backfield when he returns with a decent schedule, but re-injury with that hamstring is possible. Sanders in a real RBBC, but the upside if he takes over is good.
  11. Legit question with fantasy implications: Has Bolden passed (or will pass) Michel on the depth chart? He looks more than just a vulture this year. Able to catch passes and get YAC
  12. Michel can't even get the first down, Brady sneaks it for the first down.