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  1. Lamar's gonna be a great start this week, assuming he earns the nod. He's obviously got a high floor with his rushing ability and he faces a terrible Bengals defense. If he plays well, he'll probably start the rest of the way against some pretty bad competition. Harbaugh will naturally ride or die with Jackson, his job's on the line and he'll need the rookie to save him, because Flacco sure won't. I'm starting him over Stafford
  2. Even if he gets the start, he's not worth it for me. Since 2013, 47 quarterbacks have thrown at least 500 passes. RG3 ranks 39th. I get the Bengals are trash but RG3 hasn't shown the ability to beat good or bad defenses in quite some time. Plus, even if you claim him, this is a one-week deal. Jackson at least has the chance to steal the job and ride off with the easiest schedule for any quarterback. With his job on the line, I can't see Harbaugh sticking with RG3 over his first-round pick or Flacco, who he already said will start if he's healthy enough.
  3. He's reportedly not playing this week and he has a bye next week, so I think he's a perfect buy-low candidate He's still the TE11 in standard scoring even with his missed time, so it's not like he's bad He showed he can still be dominant back in Week One, so he should be back to form after resting this long He tried playing through his injuries to reach his play time incentives, leading to his relatively lackluster numbers. A lot of fantasy owners are frustrated with him and probably don't want to stash him this long. You could get top TE production for pennies on the dollar
  4. It might be frowned upon but as long as it's not blatant I say do it
  5. I'm not starting him until he gives me a reason to
  6. There really isn't one in NEvsGB. I'd imagine Jimmy Graham is already gone, and the Pats don't have a non-Gronk pass-catching tight end. Your best bet is to see what's available for the Monday Night game
  7. Obviously, nobody's starting Cook on his bye week, but is he a must-start in Week 11? I think there's a case to be made for both sides. Start him: -His 70-yard run, which was great on it's own, was the fastest a ballcarrier ran all year, per NFL Next Gen stats -Saw four targets in the passing game, catching them all -His ceiling is a lot higher than that of Latavius Murray Wait and see: -Outside of his big run, he averaged 2.1 YPC on nine carries -Split carries evenly with Murray Personally, I'm probably going to start him in Week 11, but I'm curious what you all think. Has he earned your trust, or do you need to see more? Further breakdown HERE
  8. I've heard a lot of people say the test is something of a joke, but there's a big difference between being smart on paper and smart in the game. Playing QB is incredibly difficult, guys have to make about 15 different decisions in the course of 2.5 seconds on every single play. A test can't simulate that IMO
  9. Bradford would literally break in half after one game behind that line
  10. Original article here The 2018 season has been madly infuriating for Aaron Jones fantasy owners. Ever since he returned from his suspension, Jones has been part of the dreaded running back by committee. Jones was clearly the most talented back on the Green Bay Packers, yet fantasy football owner couldn’t feel comfortable starting him since he had such a low snap volume. However, those frustrating days are officially over. Thanks a variety of factors, fantasy football owners can now comfortably set Aaron Jones in their starting lineups without fear. Fantasy Football: Time to Start Aaron Jones The Ty Montgomery Trade The most obvious reason for this newfound confidence in Jones is due to the Ty Montgomery trade. Montgomery was one of the three running backs in the Packers committee, yet he played his way right out of Green Bay. In the final moments of the Packers 29-27 loss, Montgomery returned a kick out of the endzone and fumbled the ball. He did this despite the coaches telling him to take a knee and let Aaron Rodgers work his magic in the two-minute drill. This freelancing cost Montgomery his job, as he was shipped to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2020 seventh-round pick. This obviously benefits Jones, as he’ll now have even more opportunities on the field. Montgomery saw 30.86% of the Packers offensive snaps, and somebody will have to fill that role. The only other running back of note on the roster is Jamaal Williams, and he’s not a natural fit for Montgomery’s role. Montgomery, a former wide receiver, did most of his damage in the passing game. On the season, Montgomery recorded 170 receiving yards on 15 receptions in his limited snaps. As of now, neither Williams nor Jones appears significantly better than the other at catching the football. So far on the season, Williams and Jones both average an identical one reception for eight yards per game. With neither serving as a good pass-catcher, the one who ultimately benefits from this is the better all-around player, which is clearly Jones. On the season, Jones has 274 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 44 attempts, good for 6.23 yards per carry. Williams, meanwhile, has 233 yards and one touchdown on 63 attempts, good for 3.7 yards per carry. There’s really no denying who the better running back is. The only argument for Williams is his pass blocking, but Jones has been the better pass blocker this year. Head coach Mike McCarthy loves his running back committees, so Williams will still see the field. However, Jones should see the majority of the work, and with only two mouths to feed, he should be a solid fantasy play moving forward. Snap Count Already Increasing Even if Montgomery were still on the Packers, one could still easily start Jones. After never playing more than 38.2% of snaps through his first four games, Jones had a breakout week against the Los Angeles Rams. During that matchup, Jones played in 61.5% of the Packers offensive snaps. He showed that he belonged in the starting role, finishing the game with 86 rushing yards and a touchdown on 12 carries. Keep in mind that the Packers never saw the ball after Montgomery’s fumble – this snap percentage isn’t artificially inflated by a benching. Mike McCarthy just finally realized that Jones is the best back on the roster. Additionally, while Jones’ snap count rose last week, Williams has been on a steady decline. Williams played in 40.7% of snaps three games ago against the Detroit Lions, but his snap percentage decreased to 38% against the San Francisco 49ers and 25% against the Rams. Even if Montgomery was still part of the equation, Jones would be looking like the workforce back. With Montgomery out of the picture, the Green Bay Packers backfield belongs to Jones. A Favorable Upcoming Schedule Jones has the talent, and he appears to have control of the starting running back job. That alone makes him a startable fantasy asset, but he’s also going up against a favorable slate of opponents. In the next two weeks, Jones faces off against the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots defense has been mediocre against running backs despite not facing just one elite runner. On the season, the Patriots defense allows an average of 17.3 points per game to the running back position in standard scoring formats. While this number is around league average for a defense, the Patriots have really only faced one top-tier running back. In Week Six, the Patriots gave up 80 rushing yards, 105 receiving yards, and two touchdowns to Kareem Hunt, the only top-notch running back the Patriots faced all season. Jones isn’t as good as Hunt, but there’s an argument to be made that he’s the second-best running back the Patriots have faced all year. Football Outsiders currently ranks the Patriots defense 25th against running backs, so Jones should have a big week against New England. Miami is an even better matchup. The Dolphins defense has been terrible all season long against running backs, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. On the season, Miami is allowing an average of 25.2 fantasy points per game to the running back position, fifth-worst in the league. Even if Jones was part of a committee, he’d probably be worth a start. With him taking the lions share of the snaps, he should have one of the biggest games of the week. Last Word on Aaron Jones Any fantasy football owner who stashed Aaron Jones is about to be rewarded for their patience. Jones is the Packers best running back, and his snap count is starting to reflect that. Jones received a starter’s workload in against the Rams and responded with his best game of the season. Jamaal Williams may slightly eat into his production, but Jones should see the majority of the snaps. Additionally, the departure of Ty Montgomery makes Aaron Jones even more valuable. Montgomery was the best pass-catcher on the Packers roster, and there’s no natural replacement for his skillset. Because of this, the Packers will probably choose to put their best running back out there in passing situations, and that’s Aaron Jones. More snaps obviously means more opportunities, this move should only help Jones. Lastly, Jones is facing favorable matchups in each of the next two weeks. The New England Patriots defense isn’t as good against running backs as the numbers would suggest, while the Miami Dolphins are exactly as bad as the stats show. Moving forward, Aaron Jones should be a must-start on your fantasy team. He’s the Packers best running back and he’s finally getting the opportunities he deserves. He’ll put up big number for you, so don’t leave him sitting on your bench any longer. Original article here
  11. So, so many guys like that. They've got the massive arm, great athleticism, but just don't have the brain to make the smart decisions. Coaches tell themselves that they can teach these guys the "easy" stuff, but nine out of ten times they can't. Like OP said, these guys have been playing QB the grand majority of their lives. If they didn't figure the basics out against the inferior competition, then what chance do they have to learn it all against the best players in the world?
  12. I don't think Freeman plays this week. I guess Booker wouldn't be the worst play in a 12 or 14-team league
  13. Now is not the time to trade him, his value has never been lower. Wait until after his bye week (I'd be shocked if he plays this week). If he has a good game and you're not sold on him ROS, you'll be able to trade him to someone who thinks Cook is finally ready to roll. If he comes back and sucks it still shouldn't affect his value in a trade