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  1. Really was forced to take him at 35 in one league since all the players I wanted were sniped, but he's been fun to own so far. If ft% is the only issue, im not that worried.
  2. Earliest I was able to draft him was at 25, latest was 31, and I targetted him either late 2nd or early 3rd. There's profit to be made but it's all preference and Im pretty high on him this year. Wont be easy to buy low though since hes a top tier fantasy center, but stranger trades have happened.
  3. Sell high Doncic. Would be pretty easy to sell high as most people like him. And he went fairly late in some drafts (75 and 79 in 2 of my drafts, but went 48 in another). A proven top 40 talent should be a good return. Buy low Millsap Gobert (personally see him finishing top 10 to 15)
  4. My God. Has to be one of the most impressive lines Ive seen.
  5. He finished 2nd overall last year. Whats to regret? I wont lie im disappointed with his slow start, but it's been 2 friggin games. Great track record. He's going to make it up to us big time.
  6. 123 for me. High upside low risk. I think we all win. Gonna be a useful streamer spot if he gets injured.
  7. I rejected a doncic for ingles trade. I know its 3days in but ingles is lookin good
  8. I doubt he was on any waiver wire after drafting in 10+ leagues, but at his draft position (went 9th round in 4/5 of my drafts), hes bound to outperform his adp.
  9. Ive finished all 3 of my drafts and every single one was a punt assist team haha. This one is the latest and probably my favorite. 12 team H2H 9cat Guards -- Josh Richardson, Luka Doncic, FVV Wings -- Khris Middleton, Gary Harris, Danilo Gallinari, Cedi Osman Bigs -- AD, Gobert, Millsap, WCJ, Jaren Jackson, D Favors Went rookie crazy with this one.
  10. Back for more Jrich this year! I prematurely dropped him last year, along with Donovan Mitchell (I know). Im holding on this year, for sure.
  11. 12teamer. Got him at 8 and paired him with Butler, Lowry, Demar, Millsap, Conley, Kanter, etc. Obviously punting blocks as well and I think my points will be decent-ish. Agree that Kanter's a perfect pairing with Jokic. Ive been out of the bball fantasy loop until today and surprised I got so many decent players in the first 7 rounds.
  12. MVP - Agree with Davis, but shoutouts to KAT and Lillard. Those guys play all the time and ill be bumping them up my draft board next year. MIP - Oladipo's the obvious choice again, but Ill give love to Drummond. Can draft now without tanking ft's in mind. WW pickup - Donovan Mitchell! I drafted him with my last pick but were 14 teams deep so he was a WW pickup for most, I assume. Cook gets the nod as well for performing so well down the stretch. Disappointment: Kawhi lol.
  13. H2H 14 team - standard 9 cat 5th seed going in: PG: Lillard, Dragic, Cook, Payne SG: Rivers, Lamb, DSJ SF: Gordon, James Johnson PF: Jamychal, John Collins C: KAT, Horford IL: Gary Harris streamed: Chriss for Horford last game Was not supposed to win even the semis. But my boys came through and won 6-3. Thank God Harden sucked at fts and threes this week as those were the 2 swing cats. Had bad draft picks: Noel at 5th Dragic at 3rd (meh) Dropped studs early: Donovan Mitchell (!!!) Josh Richardson
  14. Damn id hate for that to happen to me haha!
  15. Dont know if it wouldve swayed the cat, but i just won by .004 in ft% to win the week. Thanks for the 11/11 dame! Targetting this stud every year from here on out. He's an ironman.