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  1. I would get Harden Kat or Steph, but when AD is healthy, he’s the best. You have a great position with the 2/3 turn as back to back. I would generally draft the best players possible in the first 4-5 rounds as long as they compliment my top pick’s strengths/boost deficiencies. I went Steph then Myles/Siakam in the one draft I got 1st (14teams). Wasnt my favorite pairing this year to be honest but banking on breakout seasons from those 2.
  2. There’s no wrong order for these 5 but I personally rank them now as: Harden KAT Steph AD Giannis It changes every day to be honest lol. I drafted Steph with the first pick a few weeks back.
  3. Harden Lillard Jokic Vucevic Collins Porzingis and JJJ I’m torn. Anyway you’re winning the league so wont matter who’s the last keeper.
  4. Haha sorry but he’s just that bad. Plus you have Drummond on your team so he’s the worst pairing you could have for one of your studs. I’d outright drop him now for Thybulle and let him be someone else’s problem
  5. How deep is your league? I think all are roster worthy in standard 12team leagues but the fact that they’re all in your waiver wire tells me its a shallow league. I own Hunter and Thybulle in multiple leagues so those guys stand out for me and are low risk players. And you will be dropping your pick once Zion returns so maybe free up a slot by trading if one of them does excel.
  6. As I said I like all 5, but the other 4 have a clearer path to minutes. Can’t go wrong with anyone though and maybe you can stream the spot since its a shallower league.
  7. I have a soft spot for Dragic as I’ve owned him for the past 3 seasons and he was generally good to me, but Im tempted to drop him for Garland’s upside. Its a shallower league so I agree with having a wait and see.
  8. I like all of them. But I personally will rank like this: Hunter (guaranteed minutes, decent preseason) Thybulle (stocks galore, 6th man) Looney Washigton Culver
  9. Could go either way. We’ve seen his adp rise to around 2-early3rd round this past week but before preseason he was going 4-5th round. This injury is a bummer but there are advantages to drafting early as well. I got Thybulle in waivers, he’ll probably be drafted here on out. Anyway, goodluck Zion owners. Handcuff Melli for now.
  10. Still didn’t answer why Wiggins was next man up at 5th. He’s nowhere near that adp. I would not have drafted him even if it was 5 rounds later.
  11. I think you have a great team. Plenty of star power, great midround value in Zach, Cov and Bam, and even your end of the bench guys are players I really like. Id look and see how the season goes though before making changes.
  12. Dude that’s horrible 🤮 Why was Wiggins even in queue that early?
  13. I think Mcgee is a very valuable end of the bench player in roto so youre giving up way too much. 3s are easier to come by than blocks also. Id offer Delon straight up though. Theres also Herro and Monk in WW which should address your needs
  14. Id stick with Mcgee and Prince as well. Both are my late round targets unlike Millsap who is past his prime on a loaded Nuggets team.
  15. You do realize there is rumor going around that Zion has a torn meniscus and could be out 1-2 months. That is probably why the Zion owner is shopping him around while there is still uncertainty. JJJ is another hyped prospect this year and I would gladly take the trade. Zion is a counting stats monster but his projected inefficiencies in fts and tos and lack of threes dont warrant his current 2nd round draft price.
  16. Im sure a lot of people have won with Lillard as the first pick because he plays during fantasy playoffs. Had him 2 years ago, 13th pick out of 14 teams, finished 5th seed with a 102-74-4 record but went on to win it all. First 6 players I drafted were Lillard, DMC, Dragic, Horford, Nerlens (yikes), Aaron Gordon (flop). Was able to trade DMC for KAT literally a few days before DMC went down so that helped fix my bad draft. Maxed my stream spots during the playoffs and luckily edged my opponent. I remember Quinn Cook was amazing that year down the stretch.
  17. Ill draft anyone ranked in the top 120 if they fall a round or two, except for one player who i will avoid at all cost: Andrew Wiggins.
  18. With my last few picks, I always try to target young, promising players over vets who's ceilings are predictable. If they outperform their adp, great! If not, it's a streamer spot. From your list I'm gonna have to go with Hunter. Will get minutes, and has been pretty solid so far in preseason.
  19. This is why I go to these forums. I had no idea who this kid was until today. Thank you. I flipped Mario Hezonja for PJ, plus I regrettably have Nic Batum so that's extra incentive.
  20. Out of your last 7 picks, I only really like Prince and Gary Harris. I would scavenge the WW and see if there are still better players. Also second that the efficieny of your trio of monster Centers are negated by drafting multiple baf fg% guards. I would definitely try to flip Lonzo and Ja, which should be easy since PGs are in high demand.
  21. Id do it if you already have a punt fg base.
  22. Punting is cool and will definitely help you draft a decent team if done properly. End goal is to win just 5/9 cats per week so punting makes sense. Drummond is a first rounder if you punt fts, Simmons if you punt fts and 3s, Derozan’s value soars if you punt 3s, and etc. You can secure players in their adp but you actually gain value since they fit your build. On the flipside you can get bargains later in the draft when you get specialists to help reinforce your weaker cats. Assists is an easy punt route because you can stockpile quality bigs early, be ahead on fg/rebs/blks/tos and then fill out you deficiencies later in the draft. Assists will be the hardest cat to make up for as well as the pool dries up quick. There are mid-late round specialists such as Rubio, Teague, Satoransky who will be quality sources of assists but they dont always fall to you. Do not worry about TOs. Better players will almost always have a high turnover rate and its my opinion to just draft the best player available that fits your team build regardless of their turnover rate.
  23. I prefer Jokic - Vucevic or the popular Lebron - Drummond pairing.
  24. Lma/Bam/Brolo/Jval/Adams vs Lauri/Randle/Blake/Love should be there for you at turn 3/4 in a 14teamer. Still solid choices but I agree that you should probably go big/small in 1/2 as I am not actively targeting half of those players myself unless they drop a round later.