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  1. I would for sure take Thomas Bryant over Rozier. Bryant has way more upside because no one contests his minutes and he's beating right now. I'd appreciate some help!
  2. I'd drop WCS for Ja as well esp with Curry out. JA> FVV > PJ is my order as well.
  3. I think the only change I'd make is Thybulle over IT if you needed stocks, otherwise hold. He's been really consistent so far. IT might be on a minutes restriction for awhile but he's been pretty impressive in his limited minutes.
  4. Thybulle over WCS for me as well especially in roto.
  5. I'd personally take Thybulle over Green. The stocks have been really consistent and are way more valuable than the 3s you could find by streaming a spot.
  6. Porter is a clear upgrade over PJ Tucker. You have Thybulle to carry you in steals but you gain other stats with Porter.
  7. If you could survive until mid Dec than I would 100% take this trade. Conley just came alive yesterday so you'd have a really strong team come playoff time.
  8. Got offered: Capela and Dejounte Murray for my Draymond Green and Caris Levert. Is this a pretty fair trade for both sides? I'm punting Pts, 3s, and ft% and thought this looked pretty good. I'm playing in a league with a bunch of friends so just trying to get another perspective to make sure it's fair. I do have concern with Draymond ROS since steph went out and what the Warriors will do. Dejounte Murray is also not cleared to play b2bs. Could I get some thoughts on the trade and players involved please?
  9. I initially really wanted to go Drum/Gob with the 9th pick but after doing a couple of mock drafts I ran into the same problem you were facing. I ended up going Drummond -> Simmons -> Draymond and filled my team from there. I should be dominant in fg%,rebounds, steals, blocks and above average in assists. However, I'm dead last in pts, 3s, and ft% and because I have Simmons and Draymond, my TOs are really high too so now I'm stuck evaluating matchups week to week to see who i need to sit so I can either win assists or TO. There is very little room for error in this strategy. I probably didn't build as efficiently as I could have and sort of regret going this route because this punt strategy I think is hard to pull off, at least for me. You might have to trade down but try trading Gobert for some assists like Simmons but just make sure watch your TOs. Probably better than getting 3-6'ed each week.
  10. I would say you are punting pts and ft. You should be able to use your last spot to maximize games played to stream 3s. And I'd agree that you need to target another PG who preferably shoots a lot of 3s.
  11. I like your team a lot and think it's very well rounded. There are no real obvious holes. The only thing I would watch out for are fg% and ft% throughout the season. I think Lowry will shoot a lot more this season and he can be hit or miss with fg% at times. The same could be said with Lonzo but I think they will both have a great year! I appreciate the help you gave me!
  12. I'd say you robbed some people lol.You pretty much got a bogo in the 2nd round. Lowry in 7th is a steal. I'm not big on Olynyk and would probably just stream that spot. Take a risk on potential upside players like PJ Washington, Dwight, Jerami Grant etc and just hope your team stays healthy. Great draft!
  13. I swapped PJ Tucker for Matisse Thybulle already. Also, considering dropping Jerami Grant for PJ Washington. Any thoughts?
  14. Yahoo 12 team H2H league 9 cat. I had 9th pick in a snake draft. I know it's generally not a good idea to go into a draft with a punt in mind but after the 8th round you run in to players who are more at risk for injury/load management. 9. Andre Drummond 16. Ben Simmons 33. Draymond Green 40. Mike Conley 57. Bam Adebayo 64. Steven Adams 81. Caris Levert 88. Lonzo Ball 105. Delon Wright 112. Zach Collins 129. Javale McGee 136. PJ Tucker 153. Jerami Grant PG: Ben Simmons, Mike Conley, Lonzo Ball SG: Caris Levert, Delon Wright SF: PJ Tucker, Jerami Grant PF: Draymond Green, Zach Collins C : Andre Drummon, Bam Adebayo, Steven Adams, Javale McGee Thanks in advance and I will help if I can! Thank you for looking.
  15. While I think both trae and doncic will do amazing this year, I think I'd sleep more comfortably compromising and get a pairing with a more proven player. Something like Beal/Trae would work well. Beal would be the safest option compared to Kyrie (inj) or Kawhi (load management). I don't think you'd be wrong with Trae/Doncic and you'd have a super fun team to watch this year.