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  1. I want to trust him...the upside is clearly there but coming off the bench is such a buzzkill for his game to game value.
  2. Extremely undervalued player....66% FG, 1.3 3's, 5.3 Rebounds, 1.7 Blocks in the last 7 days. If you can withstand poor FT%(on low volume to be fair), a very solid guy to round out your team.
  3. He warmed up but nothing about him playing tomorrow from what I recall. I hope I'm wrong though....
  4. RHJ has more upside and I prefer him over Marvin for the ROS.
  5. Tyler for RHJ would be the best move imo.
  6. Another solid game for The Homie....closed in the final few minutes and played in OT. The shooting percentages have been extremely good of late, can we count on him moving closer to 30 mins per night/every night? They are a better team with him on the floor over Gibson....
  7. Do the trade for Turner. Holmes is droppable atm.