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  1. Got the starting gig tonight. I wonder how many quarters he'll last before fouling out? I'm gonna say 1.5
  2. Think he'd get starters minutes on a team like the Hornets? His only competition would be guys like Zeller, Willy and Biyombo
  3. Wasted a roster move for the week, but at least nobody else is going to benefit from picking him up lol. #petty
  4. So is picking this guy up right now the move or what fellas??
  5. Please Boogie.. don't jump ever again lol. With my luck he'll get 5 min playing time over the rest of the game now and then be dtd for three weeks.
  6. Had him, traded him + a pick in next years draft for John Collins
  7. Man.. Between foul trouble and Bickerstaff being an invalid, this guy can't stay on the floor
  8. Not sure who's the most terrible coach for fantasy.. but it's definitely between Fizdale (Kanter) or Bickerstaff (JJJ)
  9. I picked him up for a boost, luckily I still won the week. Rookie or not, he was trash.
  10. I hope Gasol gets traded and Green gets the black plague so we can finally see what JJJ is capable of
  11. Hi, I'm Bobby Portis, welcome to Jackass. This stunt is called "40 minutes of basketball"
  12. Stash this guy in hopes he heads to Orlando? Thinking about dropping Gary Hamstring or Josh Richardson to grab him from the wire