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  1. This misunderstanding happens every year in fantasy. A bone bruise is very different than a muscle bruise. A bone bruise is basically one step below a fracture of the bone. They can take months to recover from, so the overall length isn't much of a surprise. What is surprising is that Saunders said they hoped to have him back this week and the guy is not practicing. That to me is a setback, even if they're saying it's not.
  2. The point is nobody gives a damn what moves you made on your personal fantasy team. Repeatedly posting useless drivel is far more rude than someone calling you out for it.
  3. Brooks and Ernie are fighting for their jobs, so I doubt it unless the Wizards are mathematically eliminated. The two biggest morons in basketball.
  4. If this is true then LeBron bears a significant share of the responsibility as well. When he plays GM it never seems to work out. Pat Riley seems to have been the only personality strong enough to outweigh him.
  5. Looks like they are in the dreaded timeshare tbh.
  6. Last six games his FGA are down to 8.3/g after 12.2 for the previous 15. Assists are also down sharply the last three. The ball just isn't in his hands as much as it was. Note that Taurean Prince has started the last six games--that is where the usage is going.
  7. I think this is the end of the road for Red Velvet. Too many mouths, and now minutes are down too.
  8. Those steals may have saved my week. I love Caris.
  9. They're not tanking. If they were then they would have dumped Ariza and Green as well as Porter.
  10. His career steal rate is 1.1 per 36 minutes and his career 3s made is 2.4 per 36. If you think he can get a steal and three 3s per game in 25 minutes coming off injury then your expectations are way too high. I do think he'll carve out a role for himself because Malone loves him... but there are a LOT of mouths to feed in Denver and most of the action runs through Jokic. This is almost certainly a wait and see scenario unless you are high up in the standings and can afford to fool around with the end of your bench.
  11. That's a great answer, thanks mate. I went with Kleber because I think I can replace 3 games easier if it turns out one of the Wizards ends up sucking.
  12. I would. Batum is 98 on the season and witth Zubac's clean percentages I think he can beat that.