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  1. I’ll take the first or second best team you have available rgreen2703@gmail.com
  2. Yes I have, what are you talking about? Unless there is some error on your side.. I swear on my end I have been setting my roster everyday. I mean is it not showing on your end I have set the roster today?
  3. No actually I did insert players who started for that day... I’m not gonna start Wall or another superstar if they are not playing that day.... I mean if I start Wall today I’m not gonna get any points so what good does that... That Wizards and Raptors didn’t play yesterday they don’t play today, so I’m still supposed to Start them? Come on man, obviously since you think you know me so well go ahead and delete but if you looked at the roster today... you would see I had already set my lineup for today with the players that are playing like I have been since I took over the team... but again if you think I’m “ trolling this thread” or don’t care about the team by all, by all means go ahead and delete me out of the league.
  4. The only reason I benched them was because they are not playing today.... I check each morning to see how is playing that day to set up my lineup. It would make no sense to start Wall or anyone else if that don’t have a game that day... I would think you would understand that first before jumping to conclusions, but that’s fine... if you have to be that way. Delete me off I don’t want to be apart of a league who acts like that.
  5. I’m willing to take over the team rgreen2703@gmail.com
  6. If the jags are still open , I’ll take them rgreen2703@gmail.com
  7. Is there any openings for this league? If so contact me rgreen2703@gmail.com
  8. I had joined last night around 8 pm, and took the Lakers, but now it’s not allowing me to access the team