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  1. whatever happened to patience?...dropping him is for many, effectively conceding any chance at winning playoffs. there is unlikely to be much hot free agent pick-up at this stage of the season, so why not just wait it out and see what happens. IMO, dropping him for some random dude = keeping him and seeing him get OFS
  2. Really curious about his ROS, esp how valuable he is (or not) in the playoffs. This past week has been something, and comments from Saunders to put the ball in Saric's hands more are pretty encouraging. That said, the terrible playoff schedule (3-3-3) does put a damper for playoff bound people.
  3. 0 points, 4 rebounds, 2 this something we'll continue to see?
  4. Anyone else have both Dinwiddie and Dipo on their team like me?....
  5. Can’t beat yours but my injury streak looks something like....Dipo, Wall, Teague, Anderson, Rubio, Ball.
  6. I somehow won't be surprised if that happens. That's basically what happened earlier in the season with the Kings
  7. So...Ayton and Holmes are both out for the game today. Wonder how KAT will punish/bully the Suns, especially in light of his past two frustration performances.
  8. As a Siakam owner playing against a Kawhi owner...oh so sweet. That’s basically how I won our first matchup also.
  9. WHAT A GAMEEEE, both at end of regulation and end of overtime. Was literally thinking about dropping this guy after the third quarter but what a comeback. Really like the post-game interview also where he spent it thanking his teammates Jarrett Allen (20/20) and Joe Harris (free throws at the end of overtime) instead of focusing on his own heroic efforts.
  10. Until he gets his FG% up, not really. Will get minutes, but it's not like he did much with those minutes in his last couple weeks in Chicago.
  11. Good game on Thursday and wow, what a game so far today. Really like his effort both on the offensive and defensive glass, as well as a couple post-up moves. Admittedly JJJ is there, but with Anderson's injury, Grizzlies are running out of (effective) players on the offense. Will be curious to see what happens the next couple of games.
  12. was wondering why he wasn't playing...hope it isn't too serious
  13. Clarkson will be my take, (relatively) most consistent among the 3.
  14. Strung a couple of decent games, and with Booker out...worth a pick up?