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  1. He's 30 years old, way undersized, and hasn't been healthy since the 2016-2017 season. No longer relevant
  2. his dip in three point shooting really sucked last year. If he kept hitting 1.5 a game, that would have been 22+ ppg on the season
  3. He's going for $69 in auctions đŸ˜¢ I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that much. Can get Kemba and John Collins for that price
  4. Myles Turner was so bad in his 3rd season that he was a borderline drop in 10 team leagues. Mitchell will be decent but I think he will be way overdrafted unless he averages 3.5 blocks per game lol
  5. Championship winner. He's a must have for me
  6. I like Bam a lot but Spoelstra falls under the "do not draft players under this coach" category along with Walton, Fizdale, Kenny Atkinson, Larry Drew, and Brad Stevens
  7. I'm not high on any player coached under Speolstra. Bam will most likely average 28 mpg and get numbers similar to what he got in March and April when Whiteside was out of the rotation. Something like 12-9.5-3, 0.3 threes, 1, 1 Favors is the only big on that team and will finally be out of Gobert's shadow. Can easily average 17-9, 1.2, 1.7. They'll run him until the wheels fall off.
  8. I'm higher on Favors. He will play his natural position at Center and he's only 28, still has prime years ahead of him. I'd take him ahead of Bam
  9. Westbrook's lack of talent and low basketball IQ always means he takes bad shots and makes bad passes Unless you plan on punting fg, ft, TO, and threes, he's not worth it
  10. Mitchell Robinson just needs minutes to do damage, end of story. He proved that last year and he's not going to get worse his rookie season after an offseason of training with NBA coaches and staff. Only obstacle in his way is Fizdale, who in my opinion is a bottom 3 coach in the league. I also find it strange that you feel a weakness is that he feels uncomfortable with the ball 5 feet out of the paint. That is not his strength, nor is that Gobert/Drummond/Capela/Deandre/Adams/Whiteside/McGee's strengths. Not everyone is a Jokic, Gasol, or Vucevic and that's fine. Robinson was a top 25 player the last few months in the league when he came back and was a league winner if you got him off the wire. I personally would avoid him simply because of the logjam and the fact he's on the Knicks but beyond that, he's going to be a top fantasy player for years to come simply because of his proven ability to get you 4+ blocks on any given night. Sure he can turn into a Larry Sanders type of guy that fizzles out but we'll see.
  11. Doesn't mean he can't turn into a solid player. Deandre Jordan is an example. Mitchell's elite athleticism, wingspan, and timing will allow him to become a monster if he puts in the work. The biggest obstacle is Fizdale and his terrible coaching/rotations Also, McGee is a 10 year vet and Robinson is still a rookie, give him time. I believe he can be a Marcus Camby type player eventually
  12. Now you're overrating him lol plenty of superstars are elite on and off the ball Harden George Lillard Curry Kemba Durant Leonard
  13. Low. His points and assists will be higher. I'm guessing 23/4/7