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  1. I'd expect Nance to be somewhat close to his current per minute production even when the Cavs are healthy honestly. As a fan that could be wishful thinking though. Not as good but close. He's going to have the minutes, opportunity, and no pressure to make playoffs. Maybe something like .550/.600/0.3/10/7/3/1/.8/1 if he's getting ~25 mins on a healthy roster. Not bad on a punt ft&3 team. There's really no reason to play Love or TT extended minutes either, we need to rebuild the next few seasons. With their injury history and no playoff hopes it'd be nice if Ol' Dan decides to use this season as a development year for the young core of Sexton, Osman, and Nance.
  2. I'd try to move Whiteside/LBJ to someone punting ft%. They're both pretty nice pieces for a team like that so the owner might let some nice pieces go. As for the the deal you posted I'd avoid it myself. Booker and Conley have had multiple dnps from injuries this season and Aldridge has in the past. Aldridge would be the only one I'd consider though. LBJs reliability is pretty nice and with Lakers in the hunt he should put up nice stats.
  3. I'd go for it Durants a 1st rounder and RoCo has near elite production in 3s and steals with nice stats across the board.
  4. Any help I return will be very thought out! I appreciate anyone doing the same! 12tm 9cat h2h P: Harden, D.Booker, Schroder S: E.Gordon, Ariza, G.Harris(inj) Sf: Mirotic(inj), Gay, J.Henangomez Pf: J.Collins(O), Sarich, C.Zeller C: Whiteside, BroLo, Love (inj) Punting pts, rbs, and blks *league leader and next 2 weeks opps should out perform me in those cats. I know it's bad to punt 3 cats, it's my only chance though from what the last few weeks averages have told me. Wanting to move Hernangomez, Zeller, Whiteside asap. BroLo, Schroder and Gordon if I can replace their stats. Booker if I get similar stats with more steals, less TOs. Needing fg%, asts, stls. I'm good in ft% and turnovers, enough to lock them most weeks at least. Can't risk lowering ft% much until I get rid of Whiteside. Only 7 of 12 teams are active so who I can trade for its limited. No Curry, Beal, J.Murray, PG13, Dame, or Lowry to name a few disappointments. Butler and Kyrie are my main targets, any trade package ideas? Butler's team also has Jrue and Kyries team has Griffin.
  5. Grants nice but with CP3 out for a while Tucker is gonna have plenty of opportunity to produce. I'd say if you need fg%, pts, and blks go Grant, need rbs and stls go Tucker. Both will net 3s and have low turnovers.
  6. I'd stick with your guys. Kats nice but I'd expect Aldridge and Kanter take a dip when both teams embrace the tank. Jazz and Thunder should both be in the playoff race so maybe less b/s DNPs later on in the session.
  7. Unless your really needing the blocks or punting ft% and 3s I'd stick with Niko. Even with time missed to injuries I'd expect him to provide a bit more value. Harrell may be a healthier, more reliable choice though but doesn't help with as many categories imo.
  8. @Mobdad even with Galos injury history? He's a producer no doubt but moving a piece like Ibaka for someone who hasn't made it to 60 games for the last few seasons seems like selling low to me.
  9. I'd go for it if you're not going to miss Bookers assists. Otherwise I'd expect you to fill your needed spot and gain in multiple categories. Shedding Bookers TOs is the best part imo.
  10. I'd hold off until Porter gets going a little better. There's no sign of Danny slowing down and he's doing everything you'd want from Porter anyway. Seems safer to keep Green.
  11. Booker package is the winner imo if everyone's healthy. Bjelica may drop off late season but Zo should be picking it up around then too. Bookers hammy could be a problem but we don't know yet.
  12. I'd take that trade but I've got no idea about leagues across multiple seasons so take my advice with a grain of salt. Seems like AD is going to out produce Giannis for sure, and Derozan is awesome so far. Even losing Lillard I'd say you win on both trades.
  13. Have to go with AGs side but only because of Prince like a couple other guys said. If you're punting fg% then jump on the deal, otherwise I'd evaluate the hit you're gonna take in %s with both. In a points league no doubt on the AG/Prince side.
  14. I'm liking Brogdon under the Bucks new coach and Mcgruder has been producing but I like the trade for Harris. Shouldn't matter with Jokic, Harden, Lillard, Mitchell, and Butler though. You're stacked man. Other nice names as well. You've got no worries imo.
  15. I'd take that deal. Lowry is a sell high candidate imo right now. Seems like he gets nagging injuries and lesser production later in the season for the last couple years IIRC. Dipo isn't getting steals quite as nice as last season, might come back might not. Sucks losing RoCo but worth it in the end. Bron's Bron, Ayton should be a fantasy monster, and Niko looks great in NOs system. I expect him to drop a bit but still produce nicely.
  16. The Davis package is probably best although I'm not sure on Bookers hamstring injury. If it keeps him out 2-4 games even 2-3 more times his total value over the season will drop considerably. Only a possibility but worth thinking about. Maybe trade him if he is injured again with the same leg. Davis side, no ragrets.
  17. Yeah cedi and Conley are murdering my fg% and Booker, Griffin, and Cedi have a ton of TOs. Really hoping to move Osman and Conley for a more efficient, passing guard. No takers yet though. Can't get rid of Love either, even dumping him for a little bit of nothing. Big thanks on the streaming info though! I've only recently started used these forums but didn't check the site at all. I usually just kinda read stats in the app, debate on their benefits and history in my head, then make my move. Will definitely be cool to get weekly suggestions so I can use a second opinion when I decide on a player.
  18. Drummond, Fox, and WCJ (Hart if he thinks it's too expensive) for Giannis, D(anny?)Green and a bum. If you meant Dray though then I'd just keep your existing team.
  19. I don't play points league much but I know it'll raise Howard's stock and lower Jingles. Dwights poor freethrows won't hurt you, and Joes good % won't make too much difference. With that I'd go: Aldridge/Howard- Bookers hammy could be a persistent problem. LeBron/PG Westbrook/Ayton- good production from both, still have 1 if there's an injury. While with only AD, in event of injury that trade has no production till he's healthy again. Thanks for answering my post btw!
  20. Ok, ignore his name on the post and help in return if you think you can offer any suggestions with my question please. The rest of my 5am post was on topic though, brain fart on the WCj recommend lol. Only thing I'd add to my op is Chucks right about the coaches system helping bigs so if you see value in Serge with possible lower %s and steals you may just hold him. If you could get one of those trades though I'd take it, Dray would be my target.
  21. Definitely a great team imo! Punting ft% and TOs right? Most of your other cats seem covered. Even your 3s don't look too bad. I'd think about making a trade for Bjelica, maybe Payton and/or Porter Jr. Grabbing MRobinson off the ww might be useful if he breaks out. Still a nice team regardless though.
  22. Although Scooter is looking really good so far I wouldn't necessarily drop Fournier for him. They'll probably be similar producers across the board. If I had Mcgruder I don't think I'd drop him for Fournier either. Unless either situation changes I'd just stick with who you already have. Evan has 2 positions eligible though so that's useful on days with lots of games. Winslow just came back and had a nice game so he may steal some of mcgruders touches. Something to look out for.
  23. I think you're right in selling on Kemba and Ibaka. Walkers %s and 3s, along with Ibakas %s and steals will fall as the sample size gets larger. Get what you can for em before they regress to ~career averages. Ibaka could keep decent value though and Walker may get his steals back as the season goes on so aim high. I'd try to ride Booker for as long as possible. I was really high on him coming into the season and I still am but his hamstring injury could be really annoying if it keeps flaring up. Even a few 2-4 game absences could drop his value a good bit with his already ridiculous amount of TOs. Might be worth it to sell before it starts. With your team though I wouldn't make the trade. Maybe Booker/Ibaka for AD/JJJ. I'd try to do 1:2 trades, like Ibaka for Hayward and MTurner(or Sabonis).
  24. He's definitely a last man on the roster type guy but his %s, 3s, blocks, and lack of TOs seem valuable to my build. Pf wise I can grab Siakim, ZCollins, Aminu, Vonleh, or CZeller. None seem like a forsure option but Siakim and Collins could be good.
  25. @heero78 Definitely right about it being close. 4-5s each week. Losing categories have fluctuated though. Assists, blocks, and TOs are the biggest gaps. I will start streaming Shais spot, idk why but I never really bother to stream even though I understand the benefits. Just lazy probably lol. I'm trying to make package deals moving combos of Kanter, Conley, or Osman but no one's agreed yet. Robinson is off the wire but Collins was just dropped yesterday. Siakim, Holiday(CHI), Fultz, Moore, Winslow, and Ntilikina are a few names available.