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  1. He and his ex Kentucky teammate KAT won my league for me. 14 team league. Always won ft pts 3pm assist and steals with this lineup G: Jamal Murray, Marcus Smart, Devin Booker, Buddy Hield, Derrick White F: PJ tucker, Tobias Harris, Jerami Grant, Jeff green/miles bridges đŸ˜„centercenter: KAT, Randle, Christian wood Waiver claims: Lou Williams, Darren Collison
  2. Right knee soreness. Embiid missed 1 week with same injury, hope he doesnt take too long. Also, wolves are battling it out for the playoffs so I doubt that he will be shut down
  3. What do u think of his future and usage with Dallas?
  4. Hello! I just want to know if it's a good trade for me? I'm having 2nd thoughts about the health and usage of butler going forward. I'm currently 1st seed with 8 games ahead of the 2nd with the highest 3pm pts in my league but lowest in blocks. Also have Tobias Harris on my team. 9 cat h2h. Total of 14 teams in the league. G - S. Napier, M. Smart, D. Booker, L. Williams, J. Lin, B. Hield F- T. Harris, P. Tucker, J. Grant, J. Randle, Jeff Green C - KAT, R. Holmes IL - J. Murray
  5. I also traded jrue and oladipo for Embiid and fox in my league. I have high hopes for them last month especially with oladipo cominhf from injury. I mojved on since I realized that the Pacers have too many improved weapons now compared last year. Also with Payton coming back, jrue's touches have been reduced
  6. I traded gobert for this guy since I already have KAT in my team. Seems like I'm deeply regretting this one
  7. f--- this guy. I am winning the ft h2h with my matchup until he played and shot that horrible fts. I'm done with this guy. Can't even pass the ball (0ast). Can't rebound steal and block with his length, no 3pm what else this guy can't do?
  8. How's this thread going? Hahahahaha you guys are so funny lmao. This thread only blows up whenever Kat had an average or below average game.
  9. Same! I've lost the first two weeks that he's been out 7 2 and 6 3 in h2h. He's contribution is that big to me. I've managed to hold on to my 1st seed after coming back last week though. My h2h this week has been close and when I check the fantasy app after waking up, I'm very much happy that he's already playing!
  10. Somebody offered me Kyle Lowry straight up for gobert. I'm really thinking about accepting the offer. Can I get somebody 's opinion about this? Thanks!
  11. I just traded Gobert and Wendell Carter Jr. for KD, is this worth my 2 centers? thank you in advance