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  1. Same here. One more bad game and I am dropping Niko. I already dropped Will Barton. I cannot stand all these s--- poor performance. Malik Beasley and Monte Morris outplayed him. Now that IT is back. With tons of offensive weapon, I don't expect Barton to average more than 12 pts.
  2. Mirotic and Will Barton back from injury. Then Jimmy went down, then Mirotic went down again, then Jamal Murray hurt his ankle. Only a few weeks left, I am second to the last in my league. The other players are all competitive. I think that's it. Thank you Dejounte Murray, Will Barton, Devin Booker, OPJ, Mirotic, Jimmy Butler. Thank you so so so much! f--- me
  3. Only a few weeks left, my season is finished. Thank you Mirotic, Devin Booker, OPJ, Dejounte Murray, Will Barton, Jimmy Butler. Words cannot describe how thankful I am.
  4. Love those 15 + 5 + 5, 1 3pt + 1 steal or 1 block. Top 50 for sure.
  5. He plays Lakers again. Last 2 games when he faced Lakers, he had hamstring issues. Let's keep my fingers crossed.
  6. I think he is gonna play it through. He is Steven Adams point guard version.
  7. Sit the f--- down Jokic. I dont need you to score another 30-20 to beat me this week
  8. He is a foreigner that's why he got suspended. Curry is American so it's fine.
  9. The report says "he will be with the team in Denver and "both sides are optimistic he will play during 76ers' four-game road trip." We should have an update on his status after Friday's appointment. Assuming Butler does not play on Saturday, Corey Brewer and Landry Shamet will again soak up extra minutes." It sounds like he will still be playing but I am like "Are you sure?" Should I put him in IR and pick up waiver or keep him in the lineup?
  10. That fall was scary....i almost thought he was injured again.... just like my Niko getting injured again tonight. Injury is a bitch
  11. I needed 3s, not blocks (punt blocks). But then after all these s---y injuries from Mirotic I realize I just need healthy players, since my team does not punt wins.
  12. I should not have accept the trade of trading Nurkic away for him in the beginning of season. It sucks a**.
  13. Im thankful Okafor is starting. My Marc Gasol is scoring well.