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  1. His team is SGA, Bogdan Bogdan, Lonzo, Tatum, Drummond, AD, Gobert, Sabonis, Sexton, WCS, Prince, Ingram. Honestly, I don't want anyone of them except Gobert, Sabonis and Tatum. Should I purpose the trade? Westbrook + Looney <-> SGA + Tatum + Sabonis? Westbrook <-> SGA + Tatum?
  2. I have got another question. Should I trade away my Westbrook for SGA? The owner that owns SGA is punting FT with Drummond, Gobert and Lonzo.
  3. 12 teams H2H 9cat I ended up dropping DSJ and picking up Huerter. Alex Len is gone. It's okay. I like Huerter's upside.
  4. I have recently finished a draft and my team is as follows: G Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, Denny Smith Jr. SG D'Angelo Russell, Kris Middleton SF Otto Porter Jr, Gordan Hayward PF Lamarcus Aldridge, Miles Bridges C Brook Lopez, Al Horford, Kevon Looney am thinking of dropping DSJ (poor FG, FT and TO) and debating if I should add Alex Len or Cody Zeller or Kevin Huerter. Please help me!!!
  5. Took him for $1 last round for my auction draft. Not a bad option for backup C that can give you 10 pts 10 rebs 1 block and nice FG.
  6. I dont know. He could easily be a punt-FG or punt-win player.
  7. I truly Derrick White will improve a lot after this summer's team USA experience. I mean, he is respectful 3pt shooter.
  8. I'm good. Keep your Dwight Howard. I would rather draft 20 Andrew Wiggins than 1 Dwight Howard. He can't do jack s--- this upcoming season. Mark my word. Sooner or later, Dwight is gonna bitch and whine and cry about the playing time. And then LeBron, as the coach and GM of Lakers, is gonna cut him a check and ship him home. Tbh, there are still lots of better options than him: Zach Collins, Kevon Looney, Kelly Olynk... worst case, Alex Len, or even Dwight How... oh crap, Powell.
  9. Lol he won't play 25 minutes. Are you kidding? LBJ's team needs spacing. Are we in 2004 or 2019?
  10. You should target big fella Dwight if you are in 50-team league. He will give you 5 pts 4 rebs per game. Big Deal!
  11. Somehow he is labeled as injury prone now. And man, Denver has got too many talents, Will Barton, Malik Beasley, Blue Arrow, Monte Morris, that's just too many mouths to feed. And the ball will be in Jamal Murray and N Jokic's hand 70% of the time. The only way those guys can outperform their ADP is steal and FG%.
  12. Im surprised there is no post for our playoff virgin Devin Booker. With the addition of true PG Ricky Rubio, Devin Booker's duty of distributing the ball is alleviated. He can focus more on what he does best: scoring. Does that mean he will play less minutes while being able to raise efficiency and stay healthier? The explosive scoring streak during the end of last season was stunning. If he is able to play 75+ games, is he a top 40 player with 28ppg 45% FG? Is it worth to keep him at 41 for auction keeper league, 200 budget 9cat league?
  13. Same here. One more bad game and I am dropping Niko. I already dropped Will Barton. I cannot stand all these s--- poor performance. Malik Beasley and Monte Morris outplayed him. Now that IT is back. With tons of offensive weapon, I don't expect Barton to average more than 12 pts.