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  1. Yes the only issue is Mariota has 3 completed passes
  2. Came very close to benching them for that exact reason but they looked way too good against Houston and this feels like a revenge game for that one.
  3. Any one else starting Jacksonville D/ST? Because I think this game’s been pretty sweet so far
  4. I think it is largely a crapshoot between those two guys, but I think either way you go it really can’t hurt to own a piece of this offense. I personally believe that Robinson’s the more valuable asset, as it really seems like Mahomes trusts him, and I feel like he’s more likely to lock down a more consistent role once Hill returns, but I can definitely understand the argument for Hardman. In any event, I think either of those guys could be a very valuable WR3/Flex option once byes start rolling in. Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to claim either.
  5. It really isn’t hindsight, everybody was questioning Gettlemen’s decisions all off season, and this is the exact result that most were expecting. The defense is trash, the offense has taken a significant and noticeable hit without OBJ, Saquon looks amazing but kinda sad that the best years of his career may be wasted. At least from the sound of it we’ll get to see how Daniel Jones looks in the regular season sooner rather than later, but if he busts I don’t think Gettlemen has a chance in hell of keeping his job. There’s always Trevor Lawrence in two years!
  6. They could have taken Josh Allen at 6 and gotten Jones at 17 and in the unlikely event Jones is gone by 17 (he wouldn’t be...), guess what Justin Herbert, Tua and Trevor Lawrence are all available in the next two drafts. I would be a better GM than Gettlemen. Literally anybody that’s breathing would be.
  7. Between letting Landon Collins walk, trading OBJ, and drafting Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick Dave Gettlemen should never be employed again.
  8. No just overhyped. People drafted him this year thinking he’d be like Deshaun Watson with all his offensive weapons. He’s a very talented young QB who’ll probably have a good enough year but I think he’ll be way too inconsistent to ever live up to his ADP.
  9. Just need 5.8 points from Odell in standard to win my week. If I pull this off, I will somehow have managed to survive Cam Newton, OJ Howard and Alshon Jeffrey. Didn’t exactly hurt that my opponent started Brees... but I’ll take an ugly win over a clean loss any day.
  10. Not even entertaining the thought of dropping. Yes, I watched the game. I saw him primarily being used as an blocker. I saw the lack of routes, I saw the zero targets, and I know Bruce Arians history with TEs. But at the end of the day it’s a long season, teams go through so many adjustments it’s impossible to determine how his usage will look even a month from now. OJ Howard is still one of the most physically and athletically gifted TEs in the league, whose currently in his prime. I’m sure as hell not dropping him and having one of my competitors scoop him up for free. There’s also the part that they really should have lost last night and gone 0-2 if Cam didn’t play like complete and utter garbage. If Bruce wants any shot at a winning season, and having all his buddies keep their brand new jobs, he’s going to need to use his stud TE as more than just a blocker. Just my opinion, doesn’t seem to be very popular around here but I don’t quit on my guys based off a two week sample space.
  11. In deeper leagues (let’s say at least 12 team with 8 bench spots) I don’t see how anyone could pass on him as a FA pick up.