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  1. I wonder how many of those proud Doug Baldwin droppers got torched by him these past two weeks. but hey, at least they managed to pick up a “high boom potential” waiver WR like Tre’Quan Smith, DJ Moore or Keke Coutee... I’m sure those guys won a ton of leagues... Congrats to everyone else who stuck with him and won your leagues as a result. Patience is rewarded.
  2. Ebron may be out.. Luck threw an awful pass 20 yards downfield when Ebron had three defenders on him and got absolutely blasted. Taken to the back, praying he returns second half
  3. 12 Team Standard Scoring QB - Andrew Luck RB - Alvin Kamara RB - Joe Mixon WR - Corey Davis WR - Doug Baldwin WR - Keenan Allen or Robert Foster... still undecided TE - Eric Ebron Flex - Derrick Henry K - Justin Tucker D/ST - Dallas My other two playoff teams both crashed and burned in the finals (both lost by less than 7 points, heartbreaking) so hopefully these guys can pull out the W for me.
  4. At this point if he’s active I’m starting, I couldn’t bench him in this matchup with Seattle trying to lock down the wild card. and even though it’s a SNF game, in the event that he’s a GTD and isn’t officially declared inactive until after the 1pm/4pm games are over, and you have no other backup WRs available to sub in, you could always just drop Baldwin and pick up some random waiver WR in the KC/Sea game. It’s not like you’re gonna need him next week.
  5. Just thought I’d drop back in here to give a nice F U to everyone who came after me for simply defending Baldwin’s ROS value back in Week 11. 4th highest scoring WR during the most important week of the fantasy season. Scored more than AB, scored more than Julio, scored more than Mike Evans, scored more than Michael Thomas. Sure got quiet in here after that... It’s almost like dropping him for DJ Moore or Tre’Quan Smith wasn’t such a great managerial decision? Shocker. Starting him in the finals, should be a fun way to cap the season. Rant over
  6. In one I’m down by 3.9 with Kamara to go. In my other I’m up by 6 and my opponent has Lutz. Pretty safe to say that unless a Will Lutz TMZ video drops within the next 2 hours I’ll be making just one finals appearance this year.
  7. I think it was in NO but yeah I remember that game I think Kamara had around 30 in PPR and Ingram had about 20
  8. God I hope so. Desperately need him to help bail me out of my Keenan Allen situation...
  9. Yeah Fantrax completely dropped the ball on this one, they literally just gave him TE eligibility last Friday, meaning the Wednesday prior when waivers cleared, he was still only RB eligibile and then suddenly gained his TE eligibility two days later. I own him in one of my Fantrax leagues, so it kinda worked out for me, but I still think it was total BS of them to randomly do that Week 14 right as he became relevant (and right before the playoffs) Honestly, Fantrax has always been the biggest joke of all the fantasy platforms, but the competition on that site is just so weak that I keep coming back every year.
  10. To be fair, Joe Odam was easily one of the biggest Damien Williams advocates in this thread leading up to the game, he definitely predicted a double digit floor with the potential for a major breakout performance. When you heavily back a sleeper RB waiver pickup in the semifinals, and he ends up delivering on all counts, you’ve earned the right to dish out call outs.
  11. Last week alone, in the first round of the playoffs, my 1pm roster slate was Cam Newton (14.55 pts), James White (2.2 pts), Chris Godwin (1.3 pts), and Tre’Quan Smith (0 pts, thanks for that one Quan) And my opponent still had Gurley and Goff left to go. Thought I had a zero percent chance of advancing, but then George Kittle decided to put my entire team on his back, Gurley and Goff forgot to show up, and the rest is history. Don’t get me wrong, many of us Keenan Allen owners won’t survive to see next week, but his injury is far from a death sentence. Hang in there guys
  12. Still got a whole slate of games to be played Some of us will survive this disaster! Gonna be an uphill battle for sure (especially for us Rivers/Keenan stackers), but I’ve come back from worse.
  13. Seriously, nearly any and all remotely optimistic comments on Damien were quickly met with “He sucks,” “Look at his numbers in Miami,” “Charcandrick West” I don’t get it. If you don’t like him, just call him a risky play and move on to a different player thread. Why spend your entire day commenting in the thread of a player you think sucks? I just feel bad because he was actually successfully convincing several people to start guys like Mark Ingram and Sony Michel over Damien.
  14. Any more of your ingenious insight? This dude literally spent all Thursday trashing Damien Williams and advising people to start any and every RB under the sun over him. Sorry to anybody who took this clowns advice. The rest of us should cruise to the finals.
  15. Hasn't officially been declared out but it doesn’t look great. Came in for a play and immediately took a knee. I’m hoping they can wrap up the hip and pump him full of painkillers, but that’s just blind wishful thinking as an owner.