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  1. You can pay the $50 right through Fantrax Treasury and that will allow you to start trading and bidding on FAs
  2. Okay, I will have the commish send you the link to get on fantrax and the proboards. I will add you to Slack. Once on Slack, change your name to DetroitTigers so other owners know who they are talking with.
  3. What team are you interested in? Marlins is now taken. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1glFu-Ud13Jr43r-6qovf7dKu28eLy_TQNe-zF5gpA6o/edit?usp=sharing Once you choose, we can get you on Slack, Proboards, and Fantrax
  4. Rangers are taken Teams Available are Tigers, Marlins, Reds, White Sox, Indians, Astros
  5. You can pay for the team through Fantrax, and I will send you the Slack invite.
  6. Cubs are taken, but I believe the Rangers are available. I will have the commish add you
  7. $50 Dynasty League if you are interested. Salary cap. Multiple teams to pick from now. 25 man active roster. 100 minor league spots.